Feel the heat of these intense sunspots in scorching new ESO images
Jan 24, 2017

Slip on your shades for these brilliant new up-close solar images.

Scientists just discovered an ultra-rare planet in a triple-star system
Jul 8, 2016

It seems the universe will never cease to amaze, and now scientists have found a star system unlike anything they thought possible.

How Earth's magnetic field saved the planet from being fried billions of years ago
Mar 18, 2016

If not for our planet’s fairly unique magnetic fields, the planet would’ve likely been deep-fried billions of years ago — meaning no life on earth for us.

One of the most powerful X-Class solar flares ever is headed toward Earth
Sep 11, 2014

While pointed right at the Earth, a massive X1.6-class solar flare erupted Wednesday and blasted electrically charged particles right toward our little corner of the solar system.

NASA spacecraft captures video footage of intense solar eruption
Sep 4, 2014

File this one under things you don’t see every day. A NASA spacecraft has captured footage of a powerful solar eruption ripping across the sun, and it’s awesome.

NASA just found a giant, square hole in the sun
May 13, 2014

The folks at NASA recently spotted something very strange in the sun, and under the right filters it looks like a legit doorway straight to interstellar hell.

Lost recap and answers: Sad farewells, high body count
Dec 14, 2012

Our latest edition of Lost questions and answers deals with the high-body-count "Candidate."