Summit Entertainment

Twilight folks to do Ender's Game?
Jul 4, 2015

Looks like Summit, the studio that brought us (and continues to bring us) the Twilight Saga adaptations will be the next studio to try to adapt Orson Scott Card's classic 1985 SF novel Ender's Game, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine director Gavin Hood at the helm.

Summit aims to fill the Twilight hole with comic-based Area 52
Jul 4, 2015

Summit Entertainment has been making a mint off the Twilight franchise since 2008, but a film house can't live on sparkly vampires alone, especially since the final Twi-flicks, Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, are the end of the road. That's why they're switching gears—to aliens.

Did Ender's Game reuse footage from another sci-fi disaster pic?
Aug 8, 2013

The controversies just keep coming when it comes to Ender’s Game. The latest? A keen-eyed viewer thinks the film has recycled footage from another sci-fi disaster flick.

Twilight to become virtual vampire world
Dec 14, 2012

Summit Entertainment is teaming up with teen-focused on-line company Habbo to create a virtual vampire world.