street fighter

Lucky fan-filmmaker hired for live-action Street Fighter TV show
Jul 4, 2015

Two years ago the internet exploded with praise for the live-action fan film Street Fighter: Legacy. Now two of the makers of that film are getting the chance to revisit the style and characters from their film for a full-scale series. That's right, we're getting a live-action Street Fighter show.

Latest Japanese fad: Schoolgirls imitating insane anime fight moves
Mar 29, 2013

Leave it to the clever girls of Japan to bring the coolest parts of Dragon Ball to the real world.

15 good, bad and utterly unbearable videogame-based movies
Dec 14, 2012

Hollywood's been trying to adapt your favorite video games to the big screen for years and, well, let's just admit up front that none of them have been great. Sure, some have been good popcorn movies, but the best you can hope for is something entertaining that mildly resembles the game you love.