Steven Moffat

Doctor Who's Bill is the series' first openly gay companion
Mar 31, 2017

When Doctor Who returns to the airwaves on April 15, it’ll introduce a brand-new companion to the universe. It’ll also be making a little history in the process.

Steven Moffat knows what will make Doctor Who better
Mar 31, 2017

“I don’t think it’s as good as it could be."

BBC releases 'Curse of the Fatal Death,' Steven Moffat's first Doctor Who episode from 1999
Mar 24, 2017

Starring Rowan Atkinson, Julia Sawalha and Jonathan Pryce, with Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Joanna Lumley.

Will River Song return to Doctor Who?
Feb 9, 2017

Even though the 2015 Christmas special "The Husbands of River Song" felt like a final and proper goodbye for one of my favorite Who characters, the fact that Doctor Who is a time-travel series probably means we haven't seen the last of River Song.

Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat on that Season 4 premiere shocker
Jan 2, 2017

Sherlock finally returned last night after a long wait, and what started out on a somewhat happy-ish (and at times hilarious) note took a dark turn at the close of the Season 4 premiere.

Meet the new companion Bill in first trailer for Moffat's final season of Doctor Who
Dec 26, 2016

We’re still basking in the glory of Doctor Who’s annual Christmas episode, and now we have our first proper look at Season 10.

Are Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie leaving Doctor Who with a 'clean slate' next year?
Nov 15, 2016

While we know Steven Moffat will be handing the keys to the TARDIS to Chris Chibnall following the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special, we still don’t know what a change in showrunner will mean for Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and his new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie).

New video unveils a BTS look at superhero-themed Doctor Who Xmas special
Oct 24, 2016

While we have to wait until the spring of 2017 before we finally get a new (and full) Doctor Who series, the beloved BBC sci-fi show will return for its annual Yuletide special with “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” on Christmas Day.

Doctor Who returns at NYCC in first footage from Christmas special 'Doctor Mysterio'
Oct 7, 2016

NYCC Doctor Who panel shows Christmas special trailer, explains why Pearl Mackie is good for the show.

Steven Moffat fires back at John Barrowman for saying he's blocking Torchwood's revival
Sep 14, 2016

Recently, John Barrowman accused Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat of blocking the revival of Torchwood. Now Moffat is firing back.

Steven Moffat on whether the lady in the barn is the Doctor’s mother on Doctor Who
May 26, 2016

Here's what Steven Moffat had to say about the mysterious elderly barn lady in the Doctor Who Season 9 finale.

Watch Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat nerd out at new Doctor Who book art show
May 10, 2016

Check out the Doctor admiring some vintage Doctor Who artwork at a new London exhibit.

Steven Moffat’s Jekyll to be adapted for the big screen
May 5, 2016

Looks like Hollywood is setting its sights across the pond to adapt Steven Moffat’s cult BBC One series.

Meet the cast of the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff series Class
Apr 4, 2016

The BBC has finally revealed the main cast of its new Doctor Who spinoff series.