Steve Niles

Eli Roth and Jim Carrey teaming for horror comic adaptation
Jun 22, 2016

The horror maven and the comedic actor are joining forces to bring a Steve Niles comic to the screen.

30 Days of Night sequel has director
Jul 5, 2015

The sequel to the vampire thriller 30 Days of Night, entitled 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, will be directed by Ben Ketai.

Horror guru Wes Craven to adapt Steve Niles' freaky comic The Disciples for TV
Mar 23, 2015

Horror icon Wes Craven is curising to outer space for this creepy new comic-based TV series. 

Steve Niles' Remains brings talking (yes, talking!) zombies to TV
Dec 14, 2012

It looks like AMC won't be the only cable station bringing zombies to its lineup this autumn. Chiller TV is set to broadcast an adaptation of Remains, based on the Steve Niles comic of the same name. And if you think this will be just another zombie franchise, we've got the feeling you're dead wrong.

The X-Files' Mulder and Scully are coming back!
Dec 14, 2012

A crossover is planned combining The X-Files and 30 Days of Night ... in comic form.

Universal to adapt Criminal Macabre
Dec 14, 2012

Universal has acquired the rights to the comic miniseries from the creator of 30 Days of Night.