Stephen Lang

Listen to Stephen Lang do a reading of Stephen King's short Batman story
Aug 25, 2016

Being a huge fan of the Dark Knight, Stephen King penned the 2012 short story “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation,” which was included in the master of horror’s collection of short stories titled The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, published last year.

Stephen Lang really, really wants to play Cable in Ryan Reynold's Deadpool 2
Feb 15, 2016

A fan-favorite actor has begun his campaign to nab the superhero role.

Stephen Lang blasts Terra Nova's 'shortsighted, myopic' cancellation
Dec 17, 2012

With Fox's (former) dino drama Terra Nova desperately seeking a new home, series co-star Stephen Lang (Commander Taylor) has decided to chime in on the cancellation and offer his thoughts on why it deserves a second chance.

Does Terra Nova locking down its stars mean renewal is on the way?
Dec 16, 2012

Even though Terra Nova just wrapped up its first season, and the word has yet to come down if the Steven Spielberg executive-produced show will get a second, Fox and the show's producers are preparing for the future by making sure that its stars don't go anywhere.

Why FOX hasn't yet decided about Terra Nova (but needs to fast)
Dec 16, 2012

Well, we were hoping to hear news in December that Terra Nova would get a second season, and it didn't happen. We're still waiting, but hopefully we won't have to wait much longer. It's almost decision time for FOX, and in the case of Terra Nova, time really is of the essence.

Why it took Avatar's villain 24 years to get the job
Dec 14, 2012

The veteran actor who plays the ass-kicking heavy in Avatar originally auditioned for Aliens.

James Cameron on why Avatar changes everything
Dec 14, 2012

In our second exclusive Avatar feature, we go behind the scenes.