Stephen King

Stephen King's The Mist is becoming a TV series
Don Kaye

Just when you thought we were going into a Stephen King drought on TV ...

Director Cary Fukunaga explains why his version of It fell apart
Don Kaye

The filmmaker who toiled for three years to bring Stephen King's It to the screen reveals why he finally walked away.

The dome is finally coming down as CBS mercifully cancels Under the Dome
Trent Moore

After three seasons of uneven storytelling and contrived twists, CBS is pulling the plug on the Stephen King-inspired sci-fi drama Under the Dome.

Stephen King's It has found a new director
Don Kaye

The long-in-development film version of Stephen King's horror epic It has landed a new director.

Remake of Stephen King's Cujo gets a new title, and apparently a whole new premise
Matthew Jackson

The remake of Stephen King's Cujo seems poised to push things into very different territory.

The long-developing Dark Tower film series has found a new director
Matthew Jackson

The big-screen adaptation of The Dark Tower is taking another step forward. 

George Romero on 'Empire of the Dead' series, not being able to sell his horror anthology
Aaron Sagers

At St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con, the director spoke about not being able to sell a horror anthology television series or his new treatment for the Stephen King story The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and more.

Under the Dome exec promises we’ll finally learn the reason for the dome in Season 3
Trent Moore

Under the Dome has been a (fairly entertaining) hot mess its first two years, but producer Neal Baer promises they’ll soon finally start doling out some answers.