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James Franco investigates who killed JFK in first 11.22.63 clip
Nathalie Caron

James Franco tries to change history in first clip and new poster for Hulu's 11.22.63.

James Franco flips back to the '60s in first full trailer for Hulu's 11.22.63
Jeff Spry

Here's the new trailer for Hulu's historical sci-fi series adapted from Stephen King's novel 11.22.63.

James Franco goes back in time in new trailer for Stephen King's 11.22.63
Trent Moore

With shows like Jessica Jones and Man in the High Castle, Netflix and Amazon are leading the streaming charge into award-worthy genre fare. Well, make some room for Hulu.

James Franco goes back in time in first footage from Stephen King’s 11.22.63
Trent Moore

Hulu is moving into the event series space next year, with a high-profile take on Stephen King’s time-travel tale 11.22.63. Now we finally have our first look at J.J. Abrams’ small-screen adaptation.

The Dark Tower producers now eyeing this Oscar winner for key role
Don Kaye

The team behind the long-awaited adaptation of The Dark Tower have an actor in mind for the evil Man in Black.

Overlook Hotel producer says Shining prequel is 'completely its own film'
Trent Moore

We can’t seem to leave good franchises alone these days, and there’ve been rumblings about a new The Shining project for a while. Now we finally have some fresh details.

Stephen King's The Mist is becoming a TV series
Don Kaye

Just when you thought we were going into a Stephen King drought on TV ...

Director Cary Fukunaga explains why his version of It fell apart
Don Kaye

The filmmaker who toiled for three years to bring Stephen King's It to the screen reveals why he finally walked away.

The dome is finally coming down as CBS mercifully cancels Under the Dome
Trent Moore

After three seasons of uneven storytelling and contrived twists, CBS is pulling the plug on the Stephen King-inspired sci-fi drama Under the Dome.

Stephen King's It has found a new director
Don Kaye

The long-in-development film version of Stephen King's horror epic It has landed a new director.