Character appearances galore in new American Gods trailer

War is brewing between the Old Gods and the New (and I'm not talking about Game of Thrones here) in the latest trailer for American Gods.

American Gods gets a premiere date and new poster
Feb 23, 2017

They took their sweet time but Starz has finally announced the premiere date for Bryan Fuller's live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. They've also released a very cool new poster for the TV series.

Outlander sets sail on fall premiere for Season 3
Feb 15, 2017

Ron D. Moore's critically acclaimed time-travel drama series will debut in September instead of a spring premiere.

Outlander casts Mr. Willoughby and another key character for Season 3
Jan 30, 2017

The final major pieces of the Outlander casting puzzle have finally fallen into place.

Here’s our first look at Vulcan, the new god of guns on Starz's American Gods
Dec 22, 2016

One of the most anticipated new TV shows of 2017 is without a doubt Bryan Fuller’s American Gods. and to whet our appetite for the upcoming series, we have our first official look at Vulcan.

Ash vs. Evil Dead almost had a very different Season 2 ending due to creative clash
Dec 19, 2016

The Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead has proven a worth successor to Sam Raimi’s comedy-horror cult hit, but the recent season finale almost took a very different turn.

It's back to the cabin again in new Ash vs. Evil Dead promo
Nov 29, 2016

Ash and the gang are returning to some familiar grounds in new Ash vs. Evil Dead promo.

Sam Heughan on why Outlander Season 3 feels like 'a different show'
Oct 28, 2016

If you (like me) are feeling the effects of #droughtlander, know that the second season of Ron D. Moore’s time-traveling saga Outlander is getting a DVD and Blu-ray release early next week.

Outlander casts Marsali for Season 3 and releases a NSFW Season 2 gag reel
Oct 14, 2016

Ahead of the hotly anticipated home release of the second season of Starz’s time-traveling series Outlander, a hilarious NSFW gag reel has made its merry way online. Oh, and we also have some great casting news to share.

The end is here in first explosive trailer for final season of Black Sails
Oct 8, 2016

One of the best shows on TV, Black Sails is slated to return with a highly anticipated Season 4 in January. While at New York Comic Con 2016 yesterday, Starz unleashed the first official trailer for the final season of their epic drama series.

Learn how to kill Deadites in bloody new Ash vs. Evil Dead featurette and clip
Sep 30, 2016

Everyone’s favorite former S-Mart employee, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), is returning for an encore this Sunday, when Ash vs. Evil Dead is back for a second season.

Outlander casts an adult Fergus and unveils the first official Season 3 pics
Sep 30, 2016

Today is an exciting day to be an Outlander fan, because not only has Starz announced who will be playing the adult version of that cutie-pie French pickpocket Fergus, but the first official images from Season 3 have also been released.

Take a tour of Ash's trailer in new Ash vs. Evil Dead behind-the-scenes video
Sep 22, 2016

Before Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his faithful sidekicks Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) return for a blood-splattered second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead deadite-killing fun, Starz has decided to whet our appetite by releasing a mockumentary-style behind-the-scenes tour of Ash’ s trailer