Stargate Universe

Stargate turns 20: Our 19 favorite memories from two decades through the ‘gate
Trent Moore

It’s hard to believe that, 20 years ago this week, the little sci-fi flick Stargate opened and went on to bank a solid, but not spectacular, box-office haul.

Stargate Universe fan trying to raise $50 million for 3rd season in longest shot ever
Dany Roth

Hi. I have nothing to do with Stargate Universe, but I want to bring it back anyway. Give me $50 million, please.

16 Stargate gifts to bring back through the wormhole this holiday
Trent Moore

The franchise might not be on the air anymore these days, but Stargate still has a boatload of fans — and can still inspire some awesome gift ideas this holiday season.

Star Wars, Stargate and 15 more fan petitions that tried to change sci-fi
Trent Moore

If there’s anything the Internet has done, it’s democratized the power of the people. One entertaining side effect? Petitions.

Stargate fans petition Netflix to revive SGU
Dany Roth

Stargate Universe lasted only two seasons and fans still want more.

David Blue explains how Stargate Universe should continue
Matthew Jackson

Lots of Stargate Universe fans are still holding out hope that the show will someday make a triumphant return, and co-star David Blue is among them.

Awesome zat gun + 21 more gifts for your Stargate-loving friends
Carol Pinchefsky

The Stargate shows—SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe—ran for a total of seventeen seasons. A year and a half after Universe was cancelled, we still miss the adventure, the camaraderie, and the otherworldly locations that strongly resemble Vancouver. But, hey—at least there are Stargate presents to give and to receive!

8 fan campaigns that saved series—and 14 (sob!) that failed
Trent Moore

It's the classic tale of David vs. Goliath—well, more like fan vs. network. Every season, a whole lot of television series are cancelled. Some survive for just a handful of episodes, while others get a full season or multiple seasons before receiving the axe. All good things must come to an end. And for sci-fi fans, that's doubly true.

Massive sale of Stargate memorabilia begins tomorrow

Sad because you missed your chance to buy Jack O'Neill's sunglasses or a working Jaffa Serpent Head during last year's amazing auction of Stargate props? Then get ready for the weekend, because a sale of thousands of objects from Stargate: SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe starts tomorrow.

TV THIS WEEK: Stargate and Smallville sign off forever, and more!
Kathie Huddleston

It's a big week for Stargate and Smallville fans as Stargate Universe and the CW's Superman prequel end their runs. After 14 years of Stargate and 10 years of Smallville, television is not going to be the same without them. This week, we'll also get season finales for The Vampire Diaries and Nikita.

TV THIS WEEK: Chewbacca's back, Camelot goes Starz and more!
Kathie Huddleston

Though there's a couple of weeks to go while we're stuck in mostly rerun land, there's some bright spots on the schedule. Starz premieres Camelot, Ginn returns from the dead on Stargate Universe and Chewbacca pays a visit to Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the show's two-part season finale.

SGU may be ending, but wait'll you see the SGU cast's NEW show
Don Kaye

Have you been in serious Stargate: Universe withdrawal ever since the series was canceled? Well, a whole lot of SGU alumni are working to make you feel better.

TV THIS WEEK: The Event and SGU return, Fringe flies and more!
Kathie Huddleston

Reruns continue to dominate the schedule, but there's a couple of bright spots, including the midseason returns of The Event and Stargate Universe. Meanwhile on Fringe, thieves defy gravity as Walter digs into the damage he's done.

Go behind the scenes of SGU to learn about the final 10 episodes
Kathie Huddleston

When last we left the crew of the Destiny in Syfy's Stargate Universe three months ago, things look positively bleak. In the midseason finale, "Resurgence," the crew had been duped by the Ursini (those seed ship aliens) and the Destiny was trapped in the middle of a battle with hostile drones that were bent on annihilating the ship.