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Sunday's Steelers-Patriots AFC Championship game grabs a Star Wars theme

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives their Sunday sports section a cool Star Wars spin.

Cosplay We Love: Stunning C-3PO body paint transformation video

Watch this incredible time-lapse video of makeup artist Kay Pike as she morphs into the famous protocol droid.

Image(s) of the Day: Eric Tan's terrific new Star Wars prequel posters

Behold this beautiful new set of Star Wars prequel prints from fan favorite artist Eric Tan.

Slash your way into this aborted Darth Maul video game concept art

Here's a cache of cool artwork for the canceled Star Wars: Maul video game.

Watch hilarious fake Star Wars trailer mashed up from blooper reel
Nov 4, 2013

Ever been curious what’d have happened if George Lucas traded in the melodrama for a more Space Balls-style take on Star Wars? Well, wonder no more.

Abrams explains why he wants to keep us guessing on Star Wars VII
Nov 4, 2013

As he preps to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, J.J. Abrams is trying to figure out exactly what makes the franchise so awesome to begin with. His best guess?

Thomas Kinkade paintings get a Star Wars makeover in 7 awesome mashups
Oct 31, 2013

What happens when Star Wars comes to the countryside? Sunny cottages and babbling brooks invaded by dewbacks and star destroyers, that's what.

BlastrTV: Battlestar's Nicki Clyne salutes the small roles that made it big
Oct 31, 2013

From bounty hunters to zombie slayers, Blastr TV turns the microscope on fringe characters who became fan favorites.

Little-known sci-fi fact: Vader WASN'T originally going to be Luke's father
Oct 28, 2013

Yeah, you know arguably one the most famous plot twists in science fiction history? Turns out it wasn’t a part of George Lucas’ initial plan for the original Star Wars trilogy.