Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thanksgiving trailer serves up new footage, Han in action
Adam Swiderski

Give thanks on this Thanksgiving holiday for more new material from the year's most anticipated movie.

The 25 most important Star Wars movie death scenes, ranked
Matthew Jackson

Death is a huge part of Star Wars, and that means there are no shortage of great death scenes in the saga so far.

Image of the Day: Festive Holiday TIE Fighter
Jeff Spry

Here's a shining example of one Star Wars fan's awesome Christmas light display.

Fan-made Star Wars anime battle is a retro supernova of awesome
Jeff Spry

Here's a stunning concept video of a Star Wars showdown in space, dressed up in vintage, '80s Star Blazers glory. It's two rousing minutes of Rebels vs. the Empire, Japanese-style. Strap in for a bumpy but beautiful ride.

Star Wars Style + 12 more crazy sci-fi Gangnam Style parody videos
Matthew Jackson

By now you've probably seen and heard the internet sensation known as "Gangnam Style" in some form or other, even if you didn't want to. It's way bigger now than a hit song and a popular video from Korean pop star PSY. It's a full-force meme, and that means it's time for the parodies.

See bizarre but cute Luke and Leia in 1st Angry Birds Star Wars trailer
Dany Roth

Are you one of the millions who play Angry Birds on the cell phone whenever the opportunity presents itself? Has the love you have for said birds began to wane? Would lightsabers and crazy hair buns help? Well, friend—you're in luck!

Guy sets record by putting on 13 Star Wars costumes in 4 minutes
Matthew Jackson

How do you properly demonstrate that you're a Star Wars fan? Well, you can show off your DVDs or your action figures, you can simply say "I'm a Star Wars fan," or you can do what this guy did and make a four-minute music video that features 12 costume changes in a single take.

Disney buys Lucasfilm—and promises another Star Wars movie!
Matthew Jackson

This might be the biggest entertainment news of the year. The Walt Disney Company has just purchased LucasFilm in a multi-billion dollar deal that rivals the money it dished out to buy Marvel Entertainment in 2009. But the even bigger news might be that Disney's already planning a seventh Star Wars film—and they want it out within three years.

22 of the snarkiest tweets about the Star Wars/Disney deal
Trent Moore

In case you haven't heard—Disney just bought LucasFilm, and they're planning to start cranking out Star Wars films on a regular basis. The word spread like wildfire, and the snark started rolling in at the speed of Twitter. So what were some of the funniest initial reactions?

Actors behind Chewbacca and Jar Jar weigh in on that Disney deal
Trent Moore

After word broke that Disney has purchased LucasFilm—with plans to start cranking out Star Wars films on a regular basis—it seems like everyone has something snarky to say about the move. But what about a few of the original stars?

See Star Wars' Battle For Hoth mapped out in 6-min Minecraft vid
Jeff Spry

Feel that chill in the air? Bundle up. It's walkers on the north ridge battling it out in the bland but beautiful cyber-blocks of Minecraft. Echo Base never looked so cozy and clean!

How Star Wars fans worldwide made a little girl's Halloween awesome
Matthew Jackson

Some days you're just proud to be a nerd. Sure, we like to spend time bickering about movies, comics and TV shows, but when it really matters we can come together and do some pretty cool stuff, like help a little girl get the Star Wars Halloween costume of her dreams.