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Fan film uses drone footage to stage an epic Star Wars dogfight

What do you get when you combine the new Star Wars drones, action figures, GoPro-style cameras and some capable effects work? A weird, white-knuckle dogfight unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Lucasfilm, Disney launch official Star Wars variety show

The folks at Disney know how to leverage intellectual property, and after seeing hyper-focused after-shows like Talking Dead find huge success, the Mouse House is getting ready to debut its own: The Star Wars Show.

This Mos Eisley Spaceport LEGO diorama is a wretched hive of scum and villainy

Check out this incredibly detailed LEGO model of the rowdy Star Wars spaceport and cantina.

Geek endurance test: Watch all 6 Star Wars movies AT ONCE

This is the sort of challenge that will either take you to the next level of enlightened consciousness, or give you an aneurysm-fueled death.

9 wildest Star Wars flame wars that exploded on Wikipedia

We’ve all witnessed it: The ugliness of geek rage over the minutiae of Star Wars lore and canon.

Epic new Star Wars family tree chart adds aliens and androids

With Episode VII blasting down the pike, it's time to study up on some vital galactic genealogy.

Brad Bird's brilliant Return of the Jedi alternate opening idea

Brad Bird might not be making Star Wars VII, but he's still got some great storytelling thoughts for the franchise.

Darth Vader introduces Star Wars March Madness, is way too into it

It's March, everybody, and you know what that means -- Darth Vader's March Madness! Wait, what?

Dwayne Johnson making BIG push to be in Abrams' Star Wars VII

Yet another actor is making a push to get in on the Star Wars VII action.

1st Disney Star Wars poster isn't exactly what we were expecting

We're sure Disney wants to hit the ground running now that they're in charge of Star Wars, but this is not quite how we imagined it.