Star Wars

Original Star Wars props + costumes bring record $ at Hollywood auction
Jeff Spry

Check out the high bids for Star Wars artifacts in Profiles In History's latest silver-screen sale.

It's not a trap! Admiral Ackbar actor confirms Star Wars: The Force Awakens return
Nathalie Caron

A beloved alien character is set to make his eagerly anticipated return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it's not a trap.

William Friedkin almost produced Star Wars (but felt Lucas wouldn't pull it off)
Trent Moore

It's a dangerous game, working in Hollywood. You're often called on to judge projects from little more than a pitch, and sometimes you might miss the boat on a far-out flick that turns out to be a hit. Back in the 1970s, William Friedkin made one of those tough calls and turned down Star Wars—mostly because he didn't think George Lucas could make it work.

Watch comedian skewer Star Wars with improvising action figures
Trent Moore

Sometimes, the simplest approach turns out to be the best. Or, in this case—the funniest. Want to see Star Wars like you've never seen it before?

1st footage from Seth Green's hilarious animated Star Wars comedy
Matthew Jackson

We've been waiting for ages to finally get a glimpse at Seth Green's upcoming Star Wars cartoon comedy show. Green and his crew just unveiled the first footage at Star Wars Celebration VI and we've got four clips for you to see right here!

12 geektastically hilarious sci-fi moments from NBC's Community
Trent Moore

Considering its quirky NBC sitcom roots, Community just oozes sci-fi cred. In three seasons, the show has tackled everything from multiple realities and Batman cosplay, to a Doctor Who spoof that has become a meme in its own right. Plus, it featured one of the greatest rambles ever about the awesomeness of Farscape.

Han Solo and Robocop singing Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'?

They are just two of a gaggle of sci-fi and fantasy characters that got edited into this supercut, which takes snippets of dialogue from a ton of movies and assembles them—Avengers-style—into a montage-cover of Journey's most enduring song.

Ginormous new graphic novel Anomaly is Star Wars-meets-LOTR
Jeff Spry

Now here's something to decorate a geek coffee table with. A massive, 370-page sci-fi saga is about to be published, and it's inspired by the fantasy worlds of George Lucas and Tolkien. Swirling black holes and horned sorcerers? Yes, please.

George Lucas leaves Lucasfilm to 'retire to my garage'
Don Kaye

George Lucas has been threatening for years to leave his Lucasfilm empire behind and go back to making the kind of independent movies he started his career with. Well, it looks like this time he really means it.

How Star Wars would have been different if Uncle Owen had survived
Matthew Jackson

Who could forget seeing the smoking skeletons of Luke Skywalker's Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru next to their Tatooine home? It's an iconic Star Wars image, but it's also an important catalyst that helps get Luke off his desert home world to go save a princess and defeat the Empire.

How a continent-trekking stormtrooper raised $89,000 for charity
Trent Moore

Don't worry: That Stormtrooper pulling a Forrest Gump over there? He's here to help.

May the fourth be with you: Company now selling real lightsabers
Trent Moore

In a very smart marketing move, a tech company has announced a real(ish), working light saber—perfect timing, considering today is Star Wars Day.