Star Wars

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Here's a new look at George Lucas' notes and plans for Star Wars Episode VII

Here's a deep-dive video on what Lucas had up his creative sleeve for a potential Star Wars Episode VII.

The Force is definitely with you in these eye-catching new Star Wars suits

Here's a pair of sweet Star Wars suits to spruce up your wardrobe ... or cause a traffic accident.

Little-known sci-fi fact: How Mark Hamill became Luke Skywalker thanks to Freddy Krueger

Actor Robert Englund is known in the whole of geekdom as horror icon Freddy Krueger. But did you know that it was thanks to him that Mark Hamill landed the part of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars?

Marvel's next Star Wars interlude comic tackles legendary Jedi master Yoda

Yoda will be blessed with a fresh Star Wars backstory arc this December!

Awesome fan art reimagines Star Wars as sultry pulp novel covers
Jun 3, 2013

Ever wonder what George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy might’ve looked like as a 1930s-style pulp novel? Well, wonder no more.

Check out the intriguing evolution of the famous Star Wars logo
Jun 3, 2013

How did one of the most famous titles in the history of sci-fi come to be?

Fringe's John Noble pushing for role in Abrams' Star Wars VII
May 29, 2013

A former Fringe star is very, very interested in being a part of Star Wars VII. C'mon, J.J., make it happen.

11 wild sci-fi rumors that didn't come true (and 2 that did)
May 29, 2013

From old-school magazines to the comment section of websites like this — rumors have always been a big part of sci-fi fandom.

This homemade lightsaber is potentially dangerous, but still pretty cool
May 28, 2013

Looks like the force can finally be with you but, seriously, safety first!

Iron Man + 4 more Avengers transformed into stormtroopers
May 24, 2013

A long time ago in an alt. galaxy far, far away ...

Watch the Death Star obliterate the Enterprise in impressive fan-made video
May 23, 2013

Here's another epic round in the ongoing Star Wars vs. Star Trek grudge match.

Wow! This life-size X-Wing is made from 5,335,200 LEGO bricks!
May 23, 2013

In order to celebrate the new animated series, the Yoda Chronicles, the LEGO Group has done something truly spectacular.