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New Rogue One sequel novel Inferno Squad coming to your galaxy

A new Star Wars novel coming this summer will follow an elite Imperial strike team.

Geek films rank high in fun AFI Memorable Movie Quote megachart
Jan 20, 2014

Find your favorite sci-fi and fantasy flicks in this clever collection.

The Boba Fett rumor that might rewrite Star Wars
Jan 17, 2014

So there's been a lot of talk about Boba's future in the Star Wars universe -- how he'll fit into the next movies, if he's getting a spin-off. But the latest rumor? Wow.

Image of the Day: Starbucks reveals Princess Leia's true feelings about Flan
Jan 17, 2014

A not all that long time ago, in a store that could be anywhere...STARBUCKS WARS.

There was almost a Star Wars comic about Sith Leia and Luke in love
Jan 10, 2014

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, brother and sister fell in love and ruled the galaxy together...almost.

Check out 15 Star Wars photos Peter Mayhew tweeted from his treasure trove
Jan 10, 2014

Peter Mayhew has a huge back catalog of old pictures from when he did Star Wars, and he just revealed a slew of them. Let's take a look.

Beloved Disneyland park is about to get a MAJOR Star Wars VII makeover
Jan 8, 2014

After dropping more than $4 billion for Lucasfilm, we knew Disney was going to double down on Star Wars — and it sounds like the next phase of the plan involves Disneyland. In a big way.

Here's how Disney + Lucas plan to define (and redefine) Star Wars canon
Jan 7, 2014

There's enough Star Wars canon out there to choke a Sarlacc. Now, Disney is working to determine what will actually remain legit.

This famous rapper was very nearly a Jedi in the Star Wars prequels
Jan 6, 2014

Here's a surprise casting choice that comes straight out of Death Row. Records, that is.

It's official: Marvel will start publishing Star Wars comics again
Jan 3, 2014

It was probably inevitable, but now it's official: Star Wars comic books are returning to Marvel!