Star Wars

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New images of the Millennium Falcon parked at Star Wars VIII's Ahch-To set

Here's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy hanging out on the Star Wars VIII set in England.

Disney reveals new video peeks at Pandora: The World of Avatar and Star Wars Land attractions

Walt Disney World is destined for outer space with an upcoming World of Avatar attraction + Star Wars Land

1st Disney Star Wars poster isn't exactly what we were expecting

We're sure Disney wants to hit the ground running now that they're in charge of Star Wars, but this is not quite how we imagined it.

Lando plays coy when asked whether he's returning for Star Wars VII

Few men can rock a cape quite like Billy Dee Williams. Could he about to don it again?

Look out, J.J., Bryan Singer wants to direct Star Trek!

J.J. Abrams taking on Star Wars means there might be a directorial spot to fill for Star Trek, and Bryan Singer aims to fill it.

Lucasfilm announces end to Clone Wars, teases new Star Wars toon

We were wondering how new Star Wars flicks would affect the rest of the franchise, and now we're getting some answers.

Whedon reveals how he would've handled that new Star Wars trilogy

Here's what Joss Whedon would've done with the Star Wars franchise.

Lucas says Ford, Fisher + Hamill ALREADY in for Star Wars Ep. 7!?

Leave it to George Lucas to clear up all the confusion, and confuse us some more, about Star Wars: Episode VII.

WTF? Fisher rep says she was just 'joking' about Star Wars return

Is Leia back or not? One thing's for sure -- this is making us NUTS.