Star Wars

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Disney reveals new video peeks at Pandora: The World of Avatar and Star Wars Land attractions

Walt Disney World is destined for outer space with an upcoming World of Avatar attraction + Star Wars Land

Wait, the entire Star Wars saga is being recounted by R2-D2 a century in the future?

George Lucas might not be running the show anymore, but he did frame the first six installments in the Star Wars saga. But who is actually telling the story?

Climb aboard this monumental Star Wars medical frigate modeled in LEGO

Check out this finely detailed LEGO Star Wars medical frigate from a true Danish-brick master.

Angry fans threatening to spoil The Force Awakens for everyone unless...

Meet your new worst nightmare -- The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe.

Engineer resurrects Kenner AT-AT as remote-controlled Star Wars toy we always wanted

Watch this retro toy stomp across the table in an incredible feat of geeky engineering.

A NASA engineer explains the best way to build a real-life Death Star

The Death Star is one of the most iconic pieces of sci-fi lore, partially because it’s something so utterly terrifying that it remains menacing all these decades later. But, at least according to a NASA engineer, the Empire was not thinking very practically when they built it.