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Sunday's Steelers-Patriots AFC Championship game grabs a Star Wars theme

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives their Sunday sports section a cool Star Wars spin.

Cosplay We Love: Stunning C-3PO body paint transformation video

Watch this incredible time-lapse video of makeup artist Kay Pike as she morphs into the famous protocol droid.

Image(s) of the Day: Eric Tan's terrific new Star Wars prequel posters

Behold this beautiful new set of Star Wars prequel prints from fan favorite artist Eric Tan.

Slash your way into this aborted Darth Maul video game concept art

Here's a cache of cool artwork for the canceled Star Wars: Maul video game.

Lucasfilm goes full-on Sith to shut down unofficial Star Wars lightsaber school
Oct 18, 2016

If you take your Jedi talents seriously, there’s a school for that. Well, at least there is for now.

New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story character posters unveil the plans to the Death Star
Oct 17, 2016

If last week’s mind-blowing final trailer wasn’t enough, Disney and Lucasfilm have released eight new character posters for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Cosplay We Love: Terrific Star Wars tauntaun Halloween costume
Oct 17, 2016

Here's an incredible tauntaun costume and video showing how the woolly Hoth creature was created.

Ewan McGregor would like Obi-Wan Kenobi to get 2 Star Wars spinoff movies
Oct 17, 2016

With Han Solo getting his own spinoff movie in 2018 with Alden Ehrenreich starring as the titular space smuggler, fans are eagerly anticipating news of a Star Wars film featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi.

New competitive lightsaber academy set to open this week in San Francisco
Oct 14, 2016

En garde for this awesome new academy to improve your Star Wars lightsaber skills.

Fan favorite Star Wars comic character Doctor Aphra getting her own solo series
Oct 13, 2016

The Darth Vader comic series from writer Kieron Gillen was a lot of fun, and one of the best things about it was the new character Doctor Aphra. Fans clamored for more when Vader ended, and now Marvel has responded.

Tickets set to go on sale for pop-up tribute to Star Wars Cantina
Oct 11, 2016

There’s a possibility the Internet may face a disturbance Wednesday afternoon.