Star Wars

Vader, Spock, Spidey and 26 other sci-fi icons as rotting zombies
Matthew Jackson

Part of the horrific appeal of the whole zombie thing is that it can happen to anyone. Your wife, your kids, your grandma, even that guy you buy coffee from, they can all shift from friendly humans to rotting, flesh-hungry undead in a matter of minutes, and suddenly it's shotgun time. (Aim for the head, kids.) So it's no surprise that the whole "no one is safe" thing has spread to the realm of fictional characters.

See 3 female fighter pilots who got cut from Return of the Jedi
Dany Roth

Let's be honest—the Star Wars franchise is a bit of a sausage fest. There's Leia, Padme ... and that's about it. Everywhere else you look, it's dudes as far as the eye can see. It turns out, though, that there were more women—they just got cut out of the movie.

You can't make this stuff up: Ewok convicted of indecent exposure

If those Ewoks always creeped you out a bit, this may help explain it all—an actor who appeared beneath the fur of one those Endor teddy bears in Return of the Jedi was just convicted of indecent exposure.

Nooooo! Lucas messes with Vader's lines in Return of the Jedi
Jeff Spry

First it was Greedo firing first against Han Solo, then Yoda's puppet is sadly replaced by CGI, now Vader is being forced against his will to bellow his trademark cry as the Emperor tortures poor Luke. Stop the insanity!

Original Star Wars storyboards show a much creepier Emperor
Trent Moore

Thanks to an interview with Star Wars: Return of the Jedi storyboard artist David Russell, some old school design art from the film has been released in the wild. What stands out the most? The Emperor was, apparently, even creepier during the design phase.

Star Wars geek builds realistic Rancor that could even fool Jabba
Jeff Spry

You'd definitely need a bigger kennel for this delightful Dathomirian beast. Leave it to the loyal 501st Legion to spawn a near full-scale model of Jabba's favorite reptile assassin from Return Of The Jedi. Who needs a labradoodle anyway?

Awesome Dad photoshops EWOKS into 4 family photos to impress kids
Carol Pinchefsky

Anthony Herrera is a geek dad. So when he took his two children hiking in Sequoia National Park—close to Redwood National and State Parks, where Return of the Jedi was filmed—he told them that this is where Ewoks lived.

Why David Lynch turned down Return of the Jedi! (video)

George Lucas once asked the quirky director to film the third Star Wars movie, and Lynch says why he didn't.

Spoilers, sick jokes from Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama

We've got all the news about the disgusting jokes and clever bits from these upcoming animated shows.

10 awesome pics by fans who accidentally crashed Jedi set in '82

All of the Dark Knight Rises set leaks notwithstanding, it's harder than ever for fans to get anywhere near the set of a major motion picture. If it's a sequel to two of the most beloved sci-fi films of all time, it's impossible. But once upon a time, a band of Star Wars fans stumbled upon the Jedi shoot and snapped proof of their visit.