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New Rogue One sequel novel Inferno Squad coming to your galaxy

A new Star Wars novel coming this summer will follow an elite Imperial strike team.

Lucasfilm just introduced a new Grand Admiral and Rebel leader in latest Star Wars novel

The Star Wars universe is a whole lot bigger than just the films, and now Disney is using its official tie-in novels to introduce some major leaders on both sides of the galactic conflict.

Mark Hamill is still mad about how fans treated Episode I's Jake Lloyd

If anyone can understand the challenge of returning to a beloved franchise and risking the ire of fans, it’s Mark Hamill ... though he's still kind of pissed at Star Wars fans for how they reacted to Episode I.

The Death Star trench is not where you think it is

Wanna know the exact location of the infamous Death Star trench from the original Star Wars?

Let the Lucasfilm Story Group explain all those Rogue One Easter eggs to you

Some of the most knowledgeable Star Wars minds in the galaxy break down all those Rogue One secrets.

Woody Harrelson seemingly reveals the name of his Han Solo character
Jan 23, 2017

Ever since Woody Harrelson was cast in the role of Han Solo's mentor in the upcoming Star Wars anthology movie, fans have been itching to learn the name of his character.