Star Wars Rogue One

Jason Bourne writer Tony Gilroy recruited for Rogue One reshoots
Jun 6, 2016

Here's Disney's latest attempt to get Rogue One: A Star Wars Story back on track for December.

Rogue One reportedly reshooting 40 percent of film, McQuarrie fires back on rumors
Jun 3, 2016

A new rumor about all those extensive Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has emerged, revealing that a good chunk of the movie will have to be reshot.

More details revealed about what's changing in those Star Wars: Rogue One reshoots
Jun 1, 2016

The Internet was abuzz this week with word that Disney is planning some rather expensive reshoots for Star Wars: Rogue One. Now we have a bit more context.

Mads Mikkelsen reveals (and spoils) his Rogue One: A Star Wars Story role
Apr 29, 2016

The Disney snipers were definitely not ready for this one when Mads Mikkelsen let slip a spoiler about his Rogue One: A Star Wars story role.