Star Wars Rebels

New clip from Star Wars Rebels introduces the Darksaber from Clone Wars

A new clip from this week’s Star Wars Rebels has been released, and it brings back an old Jedi relic from the Clone Wars days.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is ruthless in new Star Wars Rebels Clip

The current season of Star Wars Rebels has been weaving in Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of the best things from the Expanded Universe, and a new clip shows just how ruthless he can be. 

Fear the Iron Squadron in new clips + images for Disney's Star Wars Rebels

Here's a thrilling pair of new promos for next week's episode of Star Wars Rebels.

The menace of Maul returns in new Star Wars Rebels promo
Nov 4, 2016

The horned hellion of the Star Wars universe makes his presence known in this latest Star Wars Rebels teaser.

It's a Mandalorian showdown in new Star Wars Rebels clip + images
Oct 26, 2016

Sabine and Ezra clash with a badass band of traitorous Mandalorians.

Wedge Antilles' new origins explored in latest Star Wars Rebels clip
Oct 5, 2016

Luke's buddy Wedge has a new backstory to be revealed on Saturday's episode of Star Wars Rebels.

Darth Maul menaces the Ghost crew in new clip + mass of Star Wars Rebels images
Sep 29, 2016

The horned hellion is back and hunting for Kanan's Jedi Holocron aboard the Ghost.