Star Wars Anthology

Donald Glover is the new Lando Calrissian in the young Han Solo film
Oct 21, 2016

The younger version of Han Solo's "old buddy" has been locked down for the next Star Wars spinoff.

Charlie Cox explains how Daredevil might have ruined his Han Solo audition
Jun 17, 2016

Being too committed to his role as the Man Without Fear may have sabotaged Charlie Cox's chances at playing an icon.

Star Wars spin-off movies may take some cues from Marvel
Dec 10, 2015

Being down the hall from Marvel Studios might be rubbing off a bit on the Star Wars/Lucasfilm team.

Josh Trank on leaving Star Wars: 'It’s not healthy for me right now in my life'
Jun 5, 2015

The director of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot has finally revealed his version of why he won't be helming the second Star Wars spinoff movie next.


Two directors rumored to be in the mix for second Star Wars spinoff film
Jun 3, 2015

The search for a filmmaker to take over the second Star Wars Anthology movie may be leading back to some well-regarded names.