Star Wars 1313

Two seemingly forgotten Star Wars projects may not be dead yet
Dec 9, 2015

Remember there was talk about a live-action Star Wars TV series? Guess what -- there still is.

Lucasfilm domain registrations tease new mystery Star Wars project
Jul 4, 2015

Late last year, the registration of a few new Lucasfilm domain names clued us in to a mystery project that would eventually become the museum exhibit Star Wars: Identities. Now George Lucas and company have registered a few more, leaving us with another mystery: What is Star Wars 1313?

Visit Coruscant's seedy underbelly in new Star Wars 1313 clip
Jul 4, 2015

Everything we've heard about the upcoming Star Wars 1313 videogame seems to indicate it's the dark, grounded tale we've been wanting ever since the prequel films hit. Judging by this new gameplay footage, it looks like the wait could be worth it.

Star Wars 1313 developer reveals why protagonist isn't a Jedi
Jul 4, 2015

The super-secret new videogame Star Wars 1313 generated some buzz at the recent E3 videogame expo, and the developers have managed to keep a lot of the finer points under wraps. One thing we had heard is that the protagonist would not be a Jedi. Now we know why.

6-minute demo reel will make you wish Star Wars 1313 was still happening
Dec 16, 2013

If you were already bummed that the Star Wars 1313 videogame got canceled, get ready to feel even worse about it.

So THIS is Disney's master plan for future Star Wars videogames!
May 6, 2013

Now, we at least know what Disney is planning on the Star Wars gaming front. And it's a doozy.

Star Wars games got axed, but that new animated series still happening
Apr 5, 2013

Yes, a lot of Star Wars projects have landed on the chopping block since Disney bought out LucasFilm.

Turns out the canned Star Wars 1313 game woulda starred Boba Fett
Apr 5, 2013

Adding insult to injury, some more details have surfaced about the ill-fated Star Wars 1313 game Disney just tossed out the airlock.

Oh, no! Disney pulls plug on Blade Runner-ish Star Wars 1313 game
Apr 3, 2013

Been looking forward to that really cool, Blade Runner-ish Star Wars game that’s been in development for a while now? Well, we have some bad news.

What the Disney/Lucas deal means for that Star Wars 1313 project
Jan 14, 2013

Lost in all the insanity of Disney's buyout of Lucasfilm was the fate of Star Wars 1313, a dark new videogame set in the Star Wars universe that had fans buzzing a few months ago. So what happens to it now?

Lucasfim finally spills some info on the mysterious Star Wars 1313
Dec 17, 2012

A few weeks ago, we heard about a few new domain registrations from LucasArts that pointed us to a mystery project, rumored to be a video game, known only as Star Wars 1313. Now the folks at LucasArts have decided it's time to tell us more ... but not much more.

Star Wars 1313 art adds a touch of Blade Runner to make awesome
Dec 17, 2012

If there was any question that the upcoming videogame Star Wars 1313 was going to be a different take on Lucas' beloved world, some newly leaked concept art puts the debate to rest. This is not your father's Star Wars.