Star Trek

Check out the pilot for fan series Star Trek: Renegades
Carol Pinchefsky

Fan films are sophisticated enough that they now rival television shows in terms of acting talent and special effects. The most recent fan-tacular Star Trek film, Star Trek: Renegades, which hit YouTube today, is no exception. 

This ambitious university VR project is basically The Matrix built inside a holodeck
Trent Moore

Researchers at the University of Michigan have been tinkering with virtual reality for years, but the makeshift holodeck just got a major upgrade.

Star Trek fan film casts real-life astronaut
Carol Pinchefsky

Samantha Cristoforetti to appear in Star Trek fan film Anaxanar, about Garth of Izar.

Artist composites real-life Enterprise model into modern Star Trek shots
Trent Moore

Sure, the Enterprise has evolved into a hyper-detailed, digital creation in recent years — but the original version of Star Trek’s iconic ship was a real-life miniature model.

Back to School: The '80s comedy with a surprising sci-fi pedigree
Aaron Sagers

What does an '80s comedy full of Rodney Dangerfield's one-liners and dated tropes have to do with sci-fi? Way more than you'd ever believe.

10 classic, must-read issues of Starlog magazine from their free online archive
Jeff Spry

Travel back to the pre-Internet days to see how geek info was gathered in a more civilized age.

The TV of Toy Fair 2015: Doctor Who, Buffy, Orphan Black, Star Trek, and more!
Tara Bennett

Some of the most prevalent licenses on the floor at this year's American International Toy Fair were related to sci-fi television. From classic to contemporary shows, there was no shortage of tempting collectibles in every price range.

Why William Shatner hilariously blamed the Smithsonian for breaking the USS Enterprise
Nathalie Caron

The original USS Enterprise returned to Spacedock for conservation efforts, and Captain Kirk himself is checking in on it, blaming the Smithsonian for breaking his ship.

Blastr POV: What's your favorite sci-fi/fantasy romance?
Blastr Staff

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a look at our favorite pairings from the movies, shows, books and comics we love.

Image(s) of the day - The Star Trek Shaggin' Wagon (NSFW)
Dany Roth

Big Star Trek fan? Perhaps you'll want to buy this big Star Trek van!

Why Star Trek: DS9's Ira Behr thought the show would be more popular after it wrapped
Nathalie Caron

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actress Chase Masterson recently reminisced about the show, revealing a little something showrunner Ira Behr once said.

Boldly watch this epic Star Wars vs Star Trek trailer set in a galaxy far, far away
Nathalie Caron

Watch what happens when Star Wars finally clashes with Star Trek in this epic, fan-made mashup movie trailer.

NASA's Orion flew a fossil, Cookie Monster cookie and Kirk action figure into space
Trent Moore

Along with serving as the first major test of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, the maiden voyage carried lots of extremely random stuff into space.