Star Trek

What do you get when you cross Classic Star Trek and the Next Generation? A lot of great lines. Check out all the Star Trek comic & movie news!

NASA wants kids to help create a Star Trek replicator for astronauts
Apr 21, 2016

Students are tasked with helping the replicator become reality. 

Beam into a touching new trailer for Adam Nimoy's For The Love Of Spock
Apr 14, 2016

Here's the first teaser for the crowdfunded Spock tribute film by Leonard Nimoy's son.

Dissension in the ranks: Paramount and Star Trek Beyond's Justin Lin disagree on Axanar's fate
Mar 14, 2016

It's near-mutiny on the bridge as Axanar and CBS/Paramount's lawsuit over Trek gets a surprising extra voice from Star Trek: Beyond's director.

Here's why it's taking such a long time for CBS to launch that new Star Trek TV series
Mar 10, 2016

CBS boss Les Moonves explains why there's such a big delay before the new Star Trek series finally airs.