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Star Trek: Discovery beams up three new Starfleet officers

Filming on showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts' Star Trek: Discovery is now in full swing and some new cast members have been announced.

Leaked set pic may reveal first look at Star Trek: Discovery's Klingons

Filming on Star Trek: Discovery is currently underway, and a leaked set pic may have given us our first look at the upcoming series' redesigned Klingons.

Enterprise star says: Don't blame us for killing Star Trek on TV
Dec 15, 2012

Some people happen to love Star Trek: Enterprise, while others woefully hate it and even blame the series for killing the franchise. But actor Connor Trinneer, who played the Enterprise NX-01's beloved engineer, Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker, says that's nonsense.

Astronomer: 3 reasons we can't blow up a planet sci-fi style
Dec 15, 2012

Phil Plait is an astronomer and major sci-fi geek. He writes the Bad Astronomy Blog for Discover Magazine and is also the host of the Discovery Channel's science show "Phil Plait's Bad Universe." You can follow him on Twitter at @BadAstronomer. You have a problem. There's this pesky planet, and you need to blow it up. What's a supervillain to do?

6 villains we think should return to cause trouble in Star Trek 2
Dec 15, 2012

Star Trek 2 continues to move ahead and it's hard to not think about the potential villains who might be causing havoc for the Enterprise crew. The last movie featured a Romulan from the future, Nero, whose arrival in the past immediately causes an alternate reality for Abrams' and his creative team to start anew for future films.

Quinto is training for a more intense Spock in Star Trek 2
Dec 15, 2012

Star Trek 2 is finally on its way, and though production doesn't start until January, Zachary Quinto is already hard at work prepping for his return as Spock, getting in "serious shape" for a major action sequence that shows a rougher side of everyone's favorite Vulcan.

10 incredible real-world sci-fi restaurants you could eat at today
Dec 15, 2012

Truly immersing ourselves in a fictional world usually requires spending the day at a theme park or convention. But a lucky few live in areas where it's possible to duck out for lunch at awesomely sci-fi themed eateries.

Why Mr. Spock impersonators make lousy boyfriends
Dec 15, 2012

Women sure do love Mr. Spock. But as for those Mr. Spock impersonators ... not so much. If you were wondering why, the sister act Doubleclicks have a funny song for you, backed up by a ukelele and a cello. (What, no theremin?)

J.J. Abrams finally, really, honestly commits to directing Trek 2
Dec 15, 2012

So you know how it's been more than two years since Star Trek came out, and whenever anyone asks about when a sequel...

9 celebrity Kirk impressions you'll (sometimes) swear are Shatner
Dec 15, 2012

Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, is one of sci-fi's most recognizable characters—and it's not just because of how good he looked in a gold shirt. It was Shatner's way of speaking that makes Kirk fodder for impersonators.

William Shatner strikes back at Carrie Fisher's Star Trek attack
Dec 15, 2012

First, William Shatner declared Star Trek superior to Star Wars and said he'd like to have a lost weekend with Princess Leia. Then Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, fired back, championing Star Wars and accusing Shatner of a secret desire to wear her iconic gold bikini.

13 brilliant science fiction writers who also wrote tie-in novels
Dec 15, 2012

Authors of movie and TV Novelizations can often earn big bucks but as for earning critical attention ... not so much. But even so, there have been quite a few brilliant, award-winning science fiction authors who have written media tie-in novels—and in most cases, their talent resulted in superior novels regardless of the quality of the source material.