Star Trek

Check out the pilot for fan series Star Trek: Renegades
Carol Pinchefsky

Fan films are sophisticated enough that they now rival television shows in terms of acting talent and special effects. The most recent fan-tacular Star Trek film, Star Trek: Renegades, which hit YouTube today, is no exception. 

This ambitious university VR project is basically The Matrix built inside a holodeck
Trent Moore

Researchers at the University of Michigan have been tinkering with virtual reality for years, but the makeshift holodeck just got a major upgrade.

Star Trek fan film casts real-life astronaut
Carol Pinchefsky

Samantha Cristoforetti to appear in Star Trek fan film Anaxanar, about Garth of Izar.

DS9's Siddig talks about intentionally blowing his lines

Remember the episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in which Doctor Bashir was revealed to have been genetically modified as a child, changing everything we'd known about the character? Alexander Siddig sure does. Because after he received his script, he showed how wrong he thought that surprise change was in one of the most devious ways an actor can—by intentionally blowing his lines.

24 gag reels from Star Trek, Battlestar, Firefly, B5 and more

The only thing we love more than seeing our favorite characters on TV is seeing the actors who portray those characters ... LOSE it. Actors (just like the rest of us) tend to make mistakes. But lucky for us, when THEY do it, the cameras are usually rolling.

Image of the Day: Star Trek and Star Wars ships compared in 3-D

Image of the Day: Star Trek and Star Wars ships compared in 3D

William Shatner's in-your-face musical message: '$#%@ you!'

William Shatner, already pushing the boundaries of what can be said on TV by starring in a TV show with a title that can't be said on TV, appeared on Lopez Tonight recently to sing a few words that it turns out can't be sung on TV either.

Images of the Day of the year (Your top 10 pics)

Our Images of the Day have been one of Blastr's most popular features—but which of those images were the MOST popular? With 2010 drawing to a close, we decided to take a look back at the year to see which ones you clicked on the most.

4 weird pre-Star Trek western roles of Shatner, Nimoy & more

We LOVE looking back at the bizarre parts our favorite actors took to put food on the table before they hit the jackpot with the roles that made them famous. (For example—those 15 weird roles Lost's actors had before they became stars.) The cast of Star Trek was no exception.

This MAY be the first official image from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 2

Is this image our first look at Star Trek 2? Make that a definite maybe. We're not 100% sure whether it's meant to promote the movie, a game or a toy, or where exactly it came from, but it does seem to be legitimately connected to the J.J. Abrams sequel.