Star Trek

Check out the pilot for fan series Star Trek: Renegades
Carol Pinchefsky

Fan films are sophisticated enough that they now rival television shows in terms of acting talent and special effects. The most recent fan-tacular Star Trek film, Star Trek: Renegades, which hit YouTube today, is no exception. 

This ambitious university VR project is basically The Matrix built inside a holodeck
Trent Moore

Researchers at the University of Michigan have been tinkering with virtual reality for years, but the makeshift holodeck just got a major upgrade.

Star Trek fan film casts real-life astronaut
Carol Pinchefsky

Samantha Cristoforetti to appear in Star Trek fan film Anaxanar, about Garth of Izar.

George Takei on his Star Trek audition and meeting Gene Roddenberry
Nathalie Caron

Star Trek actor George Takei went down memory lane and recalled the first time he walked into the Great Bird of the Galaxy's office. With hilarious results.

This is William Shatner's idea for a Star Trek 50th anniversary special
Nathalie Caron

William Shatner always comes up with cool ideas for Star Trek documentaries, and now he's set his sights on a 50th-anniversary special.

Star Trek and Green Lantern to cross over in new comic book series
Don Kaye

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the members of the Green Lantern Corps will meet for the first time in the pages of a new comic-book series.

Leonard Nimoy's son mounting new documentary For the Love of Spock
Trent Moore

The world is still mourning the loss of Leonard Nimoy, and now the acclaimed actor’s son has announced plans to produce and direct a new documentary about his father.

Rumor of the Day: CBS wants Star Trek to finally return to TV
Matthew Jackson

Many fans still prefer Star Trek on the small screen, and a new report says that could be happening.

Star Trek 3 wants this popular Marvel alum as its new villain
Krystal Clark

Star Trek 3 is eyeing another fan favorite to terrorize the crew, and this casting could give the sequel a major boost. 

William Shatner talks the 'mythological component' of Star Trek convention fandom
Nathalie Caron

Why do people go to Star Trek conventions -- or any convention, for that matter? William Shatner has a theory.