Star Trek

What do you get when you cross Classic Star Trek and the Next Generation? A lot of great lines. Check out all the Star Trek comic & movie news!

Bad news for fan films: Judge finds Star Trek: Axanar not covered under fair use
Jan 6, 2017

The high-profile lawsuit surrounding the ambitious Star Trek fan film Axanar has taken a turn that could fire a photon torpedo at a fervent corner of fandom. 

Image(s) of the Day: Intimidating 25K-brick Lego Klingon Bird of Prey
Jan 4, 2017

Here's an amazing Klingon warship that could alarm you to full Lego battle stations

The Top 10 Uhura Moments from Star Trek
Dec 28, 2016

Help us celebrate Nichelle Nichols' 84th birthday with our favorite moments. Hailing frequencies open!

Image of the Day: Sweet crash-landing gingerbread Enterprise
Dec 12, 2016

All hands on deck for this delectable Star Trek confection perfection for the holidays.