Star Trek: The Next Generation

Check out the latest news and legendary stories about the sci-fi television show Star Trek: Next Generation! Talks about old cast members and more

Star Trek gets a new game with surprising ties to a classic episode
Jul 23, 2016

Star Trek RPG gives you battles, diplomacy, and the Next Generation space-time rift episode "Yesterday's Enterprise."

Beam aboard this awesome virtual tour of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Enterprise-D
Sep 22, 2015

 Did you ever dream of strolling down the corridors of the Enterprise-D before stepping onto the bridge? Well, someone's working hard for you to be able to "make it so."

25 facts about Star Trek: The Next Generation you might not know
Jul 4, 2015

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Stark Trek: The Next Generation's pilot, Encounter at Farpoint, premiere. That's 25 years since Picard stared out into the great and infinite vastness of space and said "Let's see what's out there." To celebrate, here's 25 things you might not know about the seminal series.

See Data's early makeup, Geordi's Jheri curl in ST:TNG test footage
Jul 4, 2015

The look for the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation are, even after all these years, absolutely iconic. Whether it's Data's eyes and skin tone, Geordi's visor, or Troi's ridiculous bunny suit. But all great things have humble beginnings.