Star Trek: Discovery

First look at Star Trek: Discovery actually kind of looks like Star Wars

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have our first look at the new CBS series Star Trek: Discovery. But it’s not exactly what we expected. In a good way.

Star Trek: Discovery cast adds Frequency, BSG alums

Shazad Latif leaves the Klingon Empire for Starfleet, Jericho's Kenneth Mitchell steps into Latif's role as Kol, Rekha Sharma heads security, and two new Klingon leaders joining the cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

Potential writers strike could impact shows like Walking Dead, Star Trek: Discovery

Writers and Hollywood studios are in the midst of high-stakes negotiations over a new Writers Guild of America contract, and depending on how it plays out, several high-profile shows could be affected this fall.

Sonequa Martin-Green's Star Trek: Discovery character revealed
Apr 3, 2017

The name and rank of Sonequa Martin-Green’s Star Trek: Discovery lead character have officially been revealed.

Rainn Wilson cast as classic character on Star Trek: Discovery
Mar 31, 2017

The star of The Office and Super is going where one other actor has gone before.

Star Trek: Discovery finds its Captain in Harry Potter alum Jason Isaacs
Mar 7, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery has finally found its Captain! And they've cast a fantastic actor in the role.

Star Trek: Discovery beams up three new Starfleet officers
Feb 14, 2017

Filming on showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts' Star Trek: Discovery is now in full swing and some new cast members have been announced.

Leaked set pic may reveal first look at Star Trek: Discovery's Klingons
Feb 13, 2017

Filming on Star Trek: Discovery is currently underway, and a leaked set pic may have given us our first look at the upcoming series' redesigned Klingons.

Star Trek: Discovery adds James Frain as Spock's father Sarek
Jan 19, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery just beefed up its prequel potential with another new cast member.