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Awesome, long-lost 1980s footage of Van Damme's hilariously bad Predator
Apr 8, 2014

Before it landed on the iconic beast we all know and love, the 1980s action hit Predator featured a very different look for its namesake hunter -- and Van Damme, was it terrible.

Long-lost Terminator 2 FX reel shows how they made Judgment Day
Feb 4, 2013

To be over 20 years old, Terminator 2: Judgment Day still stands out for its quality FX work.

15 never-before-seen pics of Stan Winston creating the Alien Queen
Dec 17, 2012

Want to see something really scary? Here's a cool collection of rare shots from the Stan Winston archives revealing the creepy puppets and designs created for Cameron's badass Alien Queen. Don't be squeamish. She won't bite ... much.

Jurassic Park test footage shows Stan Winston was a dinosaur genius
Dec 17, 2012

You can't talk about the history of sci-fi cinema without recognizing the incredible contributions of the late Stan Winston. He was the go-to guy for monsters, killer cyborgs, aliens and dinosaurs for nearly four decades, and even in the CGI age his work still holds up. For proof, check out this test footage of his awesome dinosaur creations from all three Jurassic Park films.

The craziest, Bollywoodiest robot-action trailer we've ever seen
Dec 14, 2012

How insane is the trailer for Robot, a new Indian sci-fi flick coming out overseas later this month? There's a giant cobra made of robot men that slithers around eating cars. Cobra-bot, people! C'mon!