9 not-so-great moments in spoiler history

It's hard enough to avoid spoilers without studios, writers and others letting slip important plot points on their own.

Watch Conan O'Brien's hilariously fake Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers

How can one respond to accusations of having shown a major (intended to be fake) movie spoiler on your show? Why, you add lots of "new spoilers" the following night.

Ooops! Michigan gov't agency accidentally spills plot to Tranformers 4

If it's details on the latest entry into the Tranformers franchise you're after, looks like Michigan just spilled the beans.

Did Cumberbatch's identity in Star Trek 2 just get spoiled?

So Cumberbatch is playing some nobody named John Harrison, is he? NICE TRY, ABRAMS!

Marvel just killed off a MAJOR character in Avengers vs. X-Men

Hey, remember when there were all those rumors that a major character was going to be knocked off in the event series, Avengers vs. X-Men? And remember when we all assumed it was going to be Scott Summers? Well ...

Walking Dead cast mourns Sunday's tragic loss in funny tribute vid

If you didn't catch the season three premiere of The Walking Dead then, BOY HOWDY, did you miss out on some huge happenings. Did you know that there was a major loss? Which means MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, because the cast and crew made a special video to get their feelings out there and you kind of have to see it to believe it.

This awesome theory explains what Prometheus is REALLY all about

If you saw Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi epic Prometheus this weekend, you already know it brings a lot more to the table than your typical space horror flick ala Alien. But one intrepid fan has put together an amazingly well-thought-out theory—on everything from religion to the human spirit—that shows just how grandiose Scott may have been aiming. Big, huge spoilers for Prometheus ahead!

Avengers toy spoils major plot point we've been debating all year

Marvel has been understandably coy about precisely what happens in The Avengers—it wouldn't do to let too much information about their climactic blockbuster out into the world before May 4th. But it seems like the merchandising department didn't get that memo, as one of the tie-in toys reveals a whopper of a spoiler.

Wait—one of the Avengers is going to DIE? [Spoilers ahead!]

With Marvel's The Avengers having its embargoed world premiere last week, its no surprise that details have started to leak out. More surprisingly, it seems a beloved member of the team might not make it to the end. Major spoilers ahead!

Did Joss Whedon sneak a Dollhouse veteran into The Avengers?

Ever since the news broke that Joss Whedon would be directing The Avengers, there have been rumors about various members of the Whedonverse popping up in either cameos or supporting roles—Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man being a favorite. But one Joss-ite has taken to Twitter to reveal ... something.

FOUND: Proof Doctor Who's Rory and Amy are going to [REDACTED]!

Now that filming has begun on the 7th series of Doctor Who, rumors from the set are coming out fast and furious. Hang onto your fez for this latest one—it's a doozy. Spoilers ahead!

What spoilers are buried in Green Arrow's TV casting sheet?

With the CW's take on DC's Green Arrow—now simply titled Arrow—given the green light to shoot a pilot, details are beginning to slip out: namely, a rundown of all the show's major characters. And there are some very familiar faces.