Rumor of the Day: Twilight TV/movie spinoff in the works
Jul 4, 2015

With the final installment of the ultra-lucrative Twilight franchise opening later this year, it seems the studio is already looking at options to keep the brand alive long past Breaking Dawn 2. The latest report? A potential TV series or movie spin-off, set in the Twi-verse, but not featuring any of the current main characters.

So THIS is what The CW's upcoming Supernatural spinoff is about
Jul 30, 2013

With Supernatural entering its ninth season this fall, The CW is looking to the future to see how they can expand the Winchester brothers’ demon-hunting world. Up next? A spin-off series.

Banderas and Hayek to voice Puss in Boots
Dec 14, 2012

Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek will begin vocal work on the animated Shrek spin off Puss in Boots.