Space X

Relive SpaceX's successful Falcon 9 mission with launch and landing hype video
Jan 13, 2016

Less than a month has passed since the successful launch and landing of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, the private space firm has put together a fantastic clip to walk us through all the angles and aspects of the momentous accomplishment.

Breathtaking clip lets you ride along with Space X’s emergency abort test
May 26, 2015

The folks at private space firm Space X successfully executed a major test earlier this month, and now we can actually tag along on the capsule to see it in action.


Space X’s test mission to land a rocket on a barge ends in crash landing
Jan 12, 2015

Space X is pushing the envelope in regard to private space exploration, but the company might’ve pushed a bit too hard on its latest attempt. As founder Elon Musk put it: “Close, but no cigar.”

Image of the day: 16 real-life U.S. space crafts laid out side-by-side to scale
Dec 12, 2014

With NASA hoping to use its next spacecraft and rocket to eventually get us to Mars, it’s easy to see that the new Space Launch System definitely looks the part.