Space Opera

Watch the full pilot for Syfy’s new space opera The Expanse right now
Nov 23, 2015

Though the series doesn’t actually premiere until December 14th, Syfy has dropped the full pilot for new space opera The Expanse online a few weeks early. Want to see?

Fox orders pilot for 'Dirty Dozen in space' sci-fi series from Sleepy Hollow producer
Oct 9, 2014

If you’re a fan of space operas — and aren’t we all? — it looks like there will be one more potential TV series to keep an eye on next season.

Syfy's The Expanse casts its protagonist and an Oscar nominee in a role that hints at change
Aug 21, 2014

The cast of Syfy’s upcoming space opera The Expanse is finally coming together, and along with former Punisher star Thomas Jane, they’ve made some high-profile hires.

Syfy's president promises less B-movies, more space operas + straight-up sci-fi
Mar 13, 2014

Syfy’s head honcho is apparently looking to the network’s sci-fi heavy past as inspiration for a new direction — and that could be good news for genre fans.