Space Elevator

The current concept for a space elevator could have one critical flaw
Jun 14, 2016

We’re obviously still a long way away from actually being anywhere close to capable of building a space elevator, but the concept holds a ton of promise — though getting it to not collapse and kill us all could be a bit tougher than we thought.

Tech company proposes inflatable, 12-mile high elevator to get us to space cheaper
Aug 19, 2015

One of the most expensive things about space travel is the cost of fuel, specifically the fuel needed to lift a crazy-heavy rocket and crew capsule off the ground. But what if we could start off a dozen or so miles above the ground?

How microscopic diamonds might help to build us a sweet space elevator
Sep 23, 2014

New nanothread technology could be the answer to finally building a working space tether.

Google designed an elevator to take us to space ... there's just one problem
Apr 18, 2014

For a company best known for search and cellphones, Google also researches all kinds of crazy tech stuff — including (apparently) an elevator to space. Seriously.