Space: 1999

10 classic, must-read issues of Starlog magazine from their free online archive
Feb 24, 2015

Travel back to the pre-Internet days to see how geek info was gathered in a more civilized age.

16 old-school sci-fi TV gifts: Twilight Zone, Space: 1999 and more!
Jan 14, 2013

Considering the seasonal life-cycle of the medium, we burn through and forget TV shows these days by the dozen. But it wasn't always like that. Back in the day, even a short-lived sci-fi series could generate some lasting fan love—so here's a list of perfect gifts for the sci-fi TV classicist.

Latest sci-fi TV reboot: V's producers bringing back Space: 1999
Dec 16, 2012

Here comes another sci-fi remake. The folks behind the ABC's V (circa 2009) are tackling a new series. Get ready for a revamped version of Space: 1999.

Astronomer: What a Space: 1999 lunar explosion would really be like
Dec 16, 2012

Phil Plait is an astronomer and major sci-fi geek. He writes the Bad Astronomy Blog for Discover Magazine and is also the host of the Discovery Channel's science show "Phil Plait's Bad Universe." You can follow him on Twitter at @BadAstronomer. On September 13, 1999, a tragedy befell all mankind. An accident of unknown origin at the nuclear waste dumps on the far side of the Moon caused a massive explosion which hurled the Moon out of Earth orbit.