Congress just shredded NASA's Mars mission: 'We do not have a planned strategy'
Trent Moore

It’s no secret that NASA is drastically underfunded, especially when you mirror that lack of cash with the space agency’s ambitious goals. So, with a manned Mars mission on the horizon, something has to give, right?

NASA's 2018 mission to Mars will take along this giant laser flashlight
Jeff Spry

NASA scientists hope this monster laser searchlight might illuminate lunar ice discoveries.

Stand on the Red Planet in NASA’s stunning, new panoramic shot of Mars
Trent Moore

It’ll still be a while until we actually set foot on Mars, but a new 360-degree panoramic shot of the Red Planet is about the closest you can actually get without hijacking a rocket and heading up there yourself.

Image of the Day: Cassini's dramatic half-moon shot of Enceladus
Jeff Spry

Here's a striking new image of a Saturnian moon from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

NASA's new planetary defense program is officially up and running
Trent Moore

If an asteroid is barreling toward the Earth, the folks at NASA have a plan in place to find it and (hopefully) stop it. You know, assuming Russia doesn’t just blow the rock out of the sky first.

Japanese satellite captures 24 hours of Earth in this 12-second video jewel
Jeff Spry

Witness this stirring time-lapse video loop of our Big Blue Marble's daily cycle of life.

Image of the Day: Swirling supermassive black hole eruption
Jeff Spry

Witness a powerful ejection of interstellar X-rays straight from the Messier 51 system.

Werewolf drama Bitten wolfs out with 9 new dramatic Season 3 posters and promo pics
Nathalie Caron

The Pack is wolfing out in these 9 new promo pics and character posters from the third season of Bitten.

Why the most viable Mars colonist candidates sleep late and eat meat
Trent Moore

As we patiently wait for the first mission to actually send colonists to Mars, scientists are trying to figure out which people might be best suited to setting up shop on the Red Planet.

Blue Origin just successfully reused a rocket in space for the first time ever
Trent Moore

Though SpaceX is (deservedly) hogging most of the headlines, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is also working on its own reusable space tech — and just managed to relaunch a used rocket for the first time ever.

Five prime planets will be on parade in rare celestial alignment
Jeff Spry

Here's a primer on how to observe this awesome heavenly event, peaking later this month.

Scientists say a large planet could be lurking at the edge of the solar system
Don Kaye

There is apparently a growing collection of evidence that suggests a massive, previously unknown planetary body exists at the outer reaches of our solar system.

Image of the Day: The ISS makes a mesmerizing transit of the moon
Jeff Spry

See the International Space Station navigate across the luminous face of the moon in these recently released images.

Russia has a plan in place to nuke asteroids before they can hit Earth
Trent Moore

It’s been a staple of sci-fi movies for years, and now the Russian space agency has a plan in place to actually nuke any potential asteroid before it can go full-fledged Deep Impact.