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Mars is recovering from an ice age more than 400,000 years ago

A new study confirms Mars has dealt with ice ages off and on throughout the planet’s life — and it’s apparently still easing out of the last one.

Why Blue Origin will intentionally crash its spaceship during the next test flight

Blue Origin is having a good bit of success launching and landing its New Shepard rocket, and now the private space firm is getting ready to crash one. On purpose.

NASA tried, and failed, to inflate a cutting-edge new habitat on the ISS today

NASA generated a lot of buzz recently, revolving around plans to install an inflatable module on the International Space Station (ISS). Well, the project actually got underway today — and things did not go as planned.

Image of the Day: Mind-Numbing Neon Nebula

Behold the candy-colored cosmos in this new neon nebula witnessed by the ESO.

A lot of those Earth-like planets out their could actually be too hot to support life

Astronomers and scientists have spent years working to chronicle the various Earth-like planets drifting around the cosmos, but a new study indicates those worlds could be too hot to actually sustain life. 


India has successfully launched a low-price, reusable shuttle prototype

With NASA seemingly in distress, other countries are starting to look into space exploration — and India is trying to figure out how to do it right, but on the cheap. We’re happy to report things are off to a great start.

If we had a Mars mission ready, now would be the perfect time to launch it

It’s a shame that NASA (or SpaceX, or anybody else) doesn't have a Mars mission ready to launch — because now would be the perfect time to do it.

Deep space asteroids could be way more fragile than scientists first thought

It’s been the subject of more than a few disaster movies, but it turns out a large-scale asteroid strike might not be quite as disastrous as we first thought.

With Pluto in the rear view, this is where NASA's New Horizons could be heading next

It’s been 10 years since NASA launched the New Horizons mission, and the flyby of Pluto was a complete success. But the craft is still functioning just fine, so the space agency is working to line up the next target.  

Congress questioning if NASA's money might be better spent not going to Mars

NASA is remaining optimistic about its plan to eventually reach Mars, but the folks in Congress aren’t quite as positive on the mission’s goals. To that end, members of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology are asking if Mars should even be the next big target.

Lockheed Martin unveils manned space station that could reach Mars by 2028

NASA’s mission to reach Mars has never been heavy on detail, but now Lockheed Martin is trying to fill in one of the biggest gaps — where we’ll hang out before reaching the surface of the Red Planet.

Check out the remnants of a supernova that was visible to the naked eye in 1572

It’s been almost 450 years since an explosion nicknamed Tycho’s supernova, in honor of the astronomer who spotted it, exploded into view in Earth’s sky. Well, it’s been a long time since 1572, but we can still see the remnants of that epic space event.

A tiny speck of space debris caused this crack in the International Space Station window

It usually takes a fairly large rock to crack the average car windshield, but when you’re up in space, a speck of dust can wreak all kinds of havoc. Case in point: the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA's Kepler telescope doubles down on the number of known exoplanets

The universe just got a little more crowded with the discovery of 1,284 new exoplanets.

Virgin Galactic has created a commercial to promo its human flight, satellite launch programs

Not content to let SpaceX steal the spotlight with all those extremely cool rocket landings, Virgin Galactic has put together a spaceflight commercial that could be running in prime time … in a few years, anyway.