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Fascinating video breaks down how to create artificial gravity right now

It’s the holy grail of space travel: artificial gravity, so we don’t all float around and have our muscles atrophy while we’re exploring the stars. Well, it’s actually attainable right now — just insanely, astronomically expensive.

China launches new rocket, crew capsule on the way to 2022 space station

The United States isn’t the only government trying to conquer the stars, and the Chinese government is gearing up to launch its own space station within the next six years. The first step? A new rocket and crew capsule.

New findings show ancient Mars was even more Earth-like than we believed

Scientists already knew ancient Mars used to look a fair bit like Earth, but now it turns out the Red Planet might’ve looked a whole lot more like our planet than we thought.

We might have just found out what dark matter is made of

Primordial black holes might solve a mystery billions of years old … at least, one scientist thinks so. 

NASA wants to use the Curiosity rover to sample the water on Mars

After figuring out those strange stains on the slopes of Mars might actually be remnants of water, NASA is retasking the Curiosity rover to check them out and gather some samples. The perks of already having some tech on the Red Planet, right?

Image of the Day: Gemini Observatory captures shocked crop of baby stars

Here's a dazzling display of newborn stars emerging from fertile flows of ionized gas.

Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos on what he'd do to revitalize NASA

With NASA floundering a bit due to funding and direction, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos has offered up his take on how the U.S. space agency can recapture the magic.

Blue Origin endures successful launch and intentional crew capsule crash

Watch as Blue Origin performs a perfect  "test crash" landing of its New Shepard crew capsule.

Scientists say planet orbiting dying star could've potentially sustained life

Astronomers have found a fascinating new planet orbiting a dying star — but rewind a few million years, and it could’ve sustained life at one time.

Humans can now successfully 3D print tools in space

The International Space Station (ISS) had a high-tech 3D printer installed earlier this year, and the rig just printed out its first specific tool for use in space. That’s right: Instead of having to send these speciality tools up via rocket, astronauts can now print them out on demand.

The current concept for a space elevator could have one critical flaw

We’re obviously still a long way away from actually being anywhere close to capable of building a space elevator, but the concept holds a ton of promise — though getting it to not collapse and kill us all could be a bit tougher than we thought.

SpaceX's Elon Musk breaks down more of his plan to put humans on Mars by 2025

Elon Musk has never made any qualms about his goals for private space firm SpaceX: He wants to get to Mars, and he’ll pretty much do it with or without NASA’s help. Now he’s opened up a bit more about the plan to make it happen.

Astronomers have recorded the eerie sounds of a 13-billion-year-old star

If you’ve ever wondered what a 13-billion-year-old star sounds like, we finally have an answer. Spoiler warning: It’s a bit strange.

Scientists are developing Martian bricks so we can build houses when we get there

One of the biggest challenges humanity faces as we prepare to expand out into the solar system is where and how we’ll actually live on these planets not quite as accommodating as Planet Earth. Well, instead of hauling a habitat to Mars, some scientists are taking a different approach to space colonization.

Trekkie astronomy student brings four new planets to light

 What Star Trek-obsessed Michelle Kunimoto just discovered is almost science fiction