Stephen Hawking's new theory gives us hope if ever stuck in a black hole
Jeff Spry

Entering the most destructive force in the universe may have an unexpected outcome.

Image of the Day: See what Curiosity sees in latest, stunning Mars selfie
Trent Moore

To celebrate the latest bit of drilling on the Red Planet, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover posed for a selfie in the "Marias Pass" area of lower Mount Sharp. Not surprisingly, the view is stunning.

Why a Tokyo company just sent a case of booze to the International Space Station
Trent Moore

A Tokyo company is shipping a case of booze to the International Space Station, and they actually have a pretty good reason for it.

The Martian’s Ridley Scott and Matt Damon talk space exploration with real NASA scientists
Trent Moore

Much like recent sci-fi hits Interstellar and Gravity, Ridley Scott’s The Martian is attempting to tackle as much real science as possible. So, what better way to get the details right than to chat up some real-life NASA astronauts?

Scientists offer new theory on how two moonlets created Saturn's strange F Ring
Jeff Spry

Learn how an ancient collision formed the icy region of Saturn's outermost ring.

Tech company proposes inflatable, 12-mile high elevator to get us to space cheaper
Trent Moore

One of the most expensive things about space travel is the cost of fuel, specifically the fuel needed to lift a crazy-heavy rocket and crew capsule off the ground. But what if we could start off a dozen or so miles above the ground?

Image of the Day: Plunge into a stunning new shot of the Lagoon Nebula
Jeff Spry

Here's a stunning new shot showing a majestic corner of the Milky Way.

Astronomers discover enormous Jupiter-like gas giant 96 light years away
Jeff Spry

A new planet has popped up on scientists' radar, and it's humongous!

Here's a hypnotic new animated video of New Horizons' entire Pluto fly-by
Jeff Spry

Strap into your gravity couch for this whiplash ride past the the icy world of Pluto.

Former ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield releasing first album recorded in space
Trent Moore

Astronaut Chris Hadfield was looking for a way to differentiate from all the other tunes on the market, and it turns out recording his new album primarily in space is a pretty good way to generate some buzz.

Retro NASA concept art reveals the unrealized dreams for the space shuttle program
Trent Moore

Witness the beautiful, retro future that was denied us all. As the few remaining space shuttles gather dust in mothballs at NASA facilities and museums, take a peek at what could’ve been if the program had been given time and attention to flourish.

ESA's Rosetta orbiter captures rare outburst of gas from Comet 67P
Jeff Spry

The Rosetta spacecraft is capturing some explosive outbursts from its odd-shaped comet buddy.

How NASA is using these tiny satellites to get ready for the next trip to Mars
Trent Moore

The folks at NASA are always looking for ways to cut costs, and the latest initiative is aiming to shrink experiments into bite-sized, space-faring packages. Welcome to the world of CubeSats.

It's official: the universe is dying
Don Kaye

It may take a few billion years, but scientists have determined that the universe as we know it is on its way out.

Mars Express fly-over simulation delivers an up-close trip to the Red Planet
Jeff Spry

Drift over the cratered surface of Mars in this mesmerizing new video.