Sonic the Hedgehog

Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sega is rereleasing the Genesis with all your favorite games
Jul 26, 2016

Nintendo created quite a stir by announcing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) would be getting a rerelease of sorts via the NES Classic Edition — and now Sega has officially fired back.

Sega's new Sonic the Hedgehog games look great, and here are the trailers to prove it
Jul 23, 2016

It’s been a long time since we had a Sonic the Hedgehog game that really rocked our socks, but Sega is looking to change that next year — and here’s the proof.

1st look at Uncharted creators' action-packed Sonic the Hedgehog redesign
Feb 12, 2014

It sounds like 2014 could be a big year for Sonic the Hedgehog, as the SEGA videogame icon is getting a redesign courtesy of some of the folks who brought Nathan Drake to life.