Image of the Day: Beyond Skyline poster
Feb 16, 2017

Here's a scintillating new poster for the new Skyline sequel, Beyond Skyline.

The first footage from Beyond Skyline has finally landed
Dec 28, 2016

Originally slated to open this year (the movie was filmed in 2015), we’re still awaiting word on when Beyond Skyline — the sequel to 2010’s little alien invasion sci-fi movie Skyline — will invade movie theaters.

Japanese distributor promotes Skyline with NSFW sex toy giveaway
Dec 14, 2012

We've seen a lot of what-were-they-thinking sci-fi movie and TV tie-ins over the years—Jurassic Park salami, anyone?—but except for the occasional branded condom, they've never gone beyond PG-13.

Why indie alien flick Skyline is ready to take on the blockbusters
Dec 14, 2012

Have you heard of a new movie called Skyline yet? Probably not. We knew very little about it ourselves until just recently, but after seeing some footage from the film for the first time at Comic-Con on Friday, we're suddenly very interested in this flick.

1st Skyline trailer proves all that Comic-Con buzz was RIGHT
Dec 14, 2012

We told you about Skyline last month after we went into Comic-Con knowing nothing about it and came out the other side thinking this low-budget movie had a shot at teaching the blockbusters a thing or two about alien invasions. Now along comes he film's first trailer to tell us ... maybe we were right.

New Skyline poster will have you afraid to look UP
Dec 14, 2012

"Watch the skies!" We've heard that warning in countless sci-fi movies, right? But what if we don't WANT to watch the skies? What if we're afraid of what we might see? Thanks to the new poster for Skyline ... we ARE!

2nd Skyline trailer: Meet the scary aliens who want to KILL you
Dec 14, 2012

The first Skyline trailer lived up to the Comic-Con buzz. And the second Skyline trailer, released today? Amazingly, it went one better, introducing the creepy creatures who want to crush us.