Sinister Six

Drew Goddard is still not giving up on a Sinister Six movie
Sep 23, 2015

Spider-Man's movie plans may have changed, but that doesn't mean a Sinister Six movie is doomed.

Drew Goddard on why he isn't directing Spider-Man reboot
Sep 14, 2015

Drew Goddard has been working with Marvel on the Daredevil series ... but not on the Spider-Man reboot.

New leaked details about Sony's Sinister Six include fighting dinosaurs and...Matt Damon?
Apr 21, 2015

There's a bunch of new info concerning that planned (but scrapped) Sinister Six movie that just came to light today.

More Sony leaks reveal Drew Goddard wanted to use the Savage Land in Sinister Six
Apr 17, 2015

This legendary land in Marvel comics lore almost made it into that Sinister Six movie Sony had planned.

More Spidey rumors; Sinister Six a reboot, Venom movie dead
Oct 7, 2014

The web of rumors surrounding the future of the Spider-Man film franchise is getting even more tangled.

Spider-Man series spinning off a female-driven movie ... but who is it?
Aug 4, 2014

The expansion of the Spider-Man screen universe continues, and the newest addition will be a feminine one.

Amazing Spider-Man 3 pushed to 2018, Sinister Six spinoff gets a release date
Jul 23, 2014

We've been wondering for months what Sony plans to do with the stumbling Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and now it seems we have an answer.

Oops! Looks like Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been delayed to 2017.
Jun 13, 2014

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. Unless it involves coming out in 2016, apparently.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits easter egg -- revealed!
Apr 30, 2014

There is something hidden in the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after all. Spoiler warning!

Producers say don't expect "classic lineup" for Sinister Six movie
Apr 15, 2014

If you were planning on seeing the usual suspects when Sony expands the Spidey-verse, you're in for a bit of a disappointment.

Spider-Man producers tease 'redemption' at the heart of Sinister Six film
Apr 11, 2014

Sony's ambitious plan for a Sinister Six spinoff from Amazing Spider-Man is, according to its producers, at least in part a "redemption" story.

Sony's found a director to tackle Spider-Man's Sinister Six spinoff
Apr 8, 2014

The Sinister Six are heading to the big screen, and now Sony's hired a writer/director to bring these supervillains to life.

Spider-Man producers on how they hope to build Marvel-style universe for Venom + Sinister 6
Mar 12, 2014

We heard a while back that the studio want to turn Amazing Spider-Man into a shared universe, and now they’re actually trying to figure out how it’ll all work.

Sony promises a new Spider-Man movie every year
Feb 25, 2014

Are you looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this spring? Good, because there's a lot more of the Spidey universe coming your way. A lot.

Orci teases 'anti-hero' approach, new origins in Venom and Sinister Six spinoffs
Jan 16, 2014

After seeing what Marvel and DC are cooking up, Marc Webb and company want to do the same thing with Amazing Spider-Man — and they have a very unique approach to flesh out Peter Parker’s world.