The Simpsons

Frank Grimes finally gets revenge in freaky Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror couch gag
Oct 23, 2015

It’s taken almost 20 years, but fan favorite The Simpsons character Frank Grimes is finally getting his revenge this Sunday.

Simpsons writer gets the best revenge ever
Jul 4, 2015

Writer Matt Selman sticks it to a pompous gasbag.

D'Oh! Lost + The Simpsons = Killer fan art
Jul 4, 2015

What if Lost took place in the Simpsons universe? It'd look a lot like this, we think.

Spoilers, sick jokes from Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama
Jul 4, 2015

We've got all the news about the disgusting jokes and clever bits from these upcoming animated shows.

15 cursed horror dolls we hope Santa won't be delivering this Xmas
Jul 4, 2015

Let's face it, Santa has a pretty tough gig. All that jet lag and those nagging elves leaving cookie crumbs in the sleigh can elevate the big guy's blood pressure. Plus, when loading up on Christmas Eve, he's got to make sure to only pack dolls and puppets that won't attack or murder innocent recipients.

Homer and Bart meet Bender in new clip from The Simpsons' Futurama crossover
Nov 6, 2014

Sure, Futurama’s run might be over — but that doesn’t mean Matt Groening’s future-set animated series is gone for good.

The Futurama gang returns in first look at their Simpsons crossover
Sep 5, 2014

Futurama may be over, but we haven't seen the last of the Planet Express gang just yet.

Going beyond Comic-Con with The Strain, Ant-Man, Gotham, The Simpsons
Jul 29, 2014

From a Gotham zipline to Suicide Girls burlesque show to listening to the Ant-Man cast talk about cosplay, we caught some cool experiences outside the convention center at SDCC.

1st surreal look at The Simpsons' upcoming LEGO-inspired episode
Apr 17, 2014

Long-running animated series The Simpsons is getting in on the LEGO action next month, and we finally have our first look at a much blockier version of Homer.

See Howl's Moving Kwik-E-Mart and more in Simpsons tribute to Hayao Miyazaki
Jan 9, 2014

Springfield's turning Japanese as the show's animators pay tribute to a living legend.