Simon Pegg

Scotty, not Kirk, meets a cute alien in new Star Trek Beyond clip
Jul 13, 2016

Captain James T. Kirk isn’t the only crewmember of the Enterprise who explores strange new women.

Simon Pegg respectfully disagrees with Takei on Sulu: 'We are all LGBT somewhere'
Jul 8, 2016

Simon Pegg's eloquent response to George Takei's disappointment over Sulu's LGBT status.

Simon Pegg reveals details of that mysterious space station in Star Trek Beyond
May 27, 2016

The latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond actually looked really good, and some keen-eyed fans noticed something very interesting while dissecting the latest footage — a massive, mysterious space station. So, what’s the deal?

Simon Pegg talks Star Trek Beyond's timeline and Star Trek vs. Star Wars
May 23, 2016

Simon Pegg had quite a few things to say about the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie, including how he keeps the names of dead redshirts from TOS in his phone. Fascinating.

Simon Pegg explains how fans helped write Star Trek Beyond
Apr 20, 2016

When tasked with writing the script for Star Trek Beyond, Simon Pegg turned to a vital resource to get things right.

Simon Pegg beams aboard Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One
Mar 18, 2016

Fan favorite actor Simon Pegg is set to join the cast of iconic director Steven Spielberg's new sci-fi film.

Simon Pegg on Star Wars prequels: 'Like George Lucas killing his kid'
Nov 10, 2015

Along with being a prolific filmmaker and actor, Simon Pegg is also an unabashed geek. So it’s not much of a surprise to learn he has some strong feelings about the Star Wars prequels.

Did this new Star Trek Beyond video just reveal a new alien race?
Sep 1, 2015

Looks like the crew of the Enterprise will indeed seek out new life and new civilizations in director Justin Lin's upcoming Star Trek movie.

Star Trek Beyond footage reveals mysterious new alien character
Aug 20, 2015

A slew of new Star Trek Beyond photos and some footage taken on the set reveal the presence of a mysterious new alien being in the film.

Simon Pegg channels Shaun of the Dead in new clip from Absolutely Anything
Aug 5, 2015

Simon Pegg has an intriguing new comedy film on the way, and the latest clip brings back some beloved nostalgia for Shaun of the Dead. Well played.

Star Trek Beyond charity video offers a new alien and some sci-fi tech
Jul 22, 2015

The crew behind the scenes of Star Trek Beyond sure know how to generate some buzz for a charity campaign.

Justin Lin says Star Trek 3 won't borrow from classic TOS episodes; teases new worlds and new species
Jun 4, 2015

If you've been wondering if Justin Lin was the right man to helm Star Trek 3, we may have your answer.