silver surfer

Cosplay We Love: Stunning Silver Surfer body paint
Dec 17, 2014

Here's a mind-blowing cosplay re-creating an iconic Marvel comic-book cover.

Fantastic Four + Silver Surfer director on what he learned: 'You can be too lax'
Apr 23, 2014

They actually did pretty well at the box office, but the mid-2000s Fantastic Four films were not exactly what most people would call good. So, what does the director have to say?

Take a far-out, cosmic ride with a preview of Marvel's all-new Silver Surfer comic
Feb 28, 2014

The Silver Surfer's back with a new solo series, and this time he's got company.

These pictures of superheroes at the Winter Olympics are exactly as cool as you think they are
Feb 13, 2014

Considering the physical and emotional discipline, we'd say Olympic athletes are already superheroes in their own right. One artist imagined comic book heroes could come to life and take part.

Stan Lee disses DC: It's 'frustrating' to see Superman in flight
Dec 16, 2012

No one can dispute the awesome superhero-creating powers of Stan "The Man" Lee, but that doesn't stop him from questioning the super-creations of other pioneering comics writers. While he's quite proud of the "scientific" rationale behind his own heroes, he says he still finds the reasoning behind Superman's flight just plain "frustrating."