Image of the day: 16 real-life U.S. space crafts laid out side-by-side to scale
Dec 12, 2014

With NASA hoping to use its next spacecraft and rocket to eventually get us to Mars, it’s easy to see that the new Space Launch System definitely looks the part.

Marvel at the fully-restored, stunningly cool Star Trek: TOS shuttle
Jun 25, 2013

Fans have been working for several months to restore an old Star Trek shuttle that was almost unrecognizable after being recovered from an outdoor lot. Now, they’re finished — and the results are breathtaking.

Would you have paid $70,150 for this massive Star Trek: TOS prop?
Dec 17, 2012

One of the biggest props still hanging around from production of Star Trek: The Original Series has been snatched up for $70,150 at auction. So what is this giant piece of expensive Trek lore?

Star Trek fans overwhelm Star Wars fans in NASA shuttle vote
Dec 14, 2012

NASA has created the clever Space Rock program that lets the public vote on what song Shuttle astronauts flying on mission STS-133 will wake up to.