Short film

Watch the creepy horror short the Stranger Things creators made years ago
Aug 2, 2016

Before they were blowing sci-fi fans away with the 1980s throwback series Stranger Things on Netflix, creators Ross and Matt Duffer were cranking out short films and trying to make a name for themselves. So, what were they doing before Stranger Things?

Miles Morales finally comes to life in new fan film Spider-Man Lives
Nov 12, 2015

Sure, Marvel Studios has (mostly) regained the film rights to Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean anyone other than Peter Parker will be donning the webs on the big screen anytime soon. So, if you’re still jonesing to see Miles Morales suit up in live action, this is probably the closest you’re going to get.

Watch sci-fi short The Flying Man that Sony is developing as a feature film
Nov 12, 2015

A short film about a mysterious hero and his impact on a would-be criminal has been put into development at Sony Pictures. Get ready for The Flying Man.

Find the beauty in the apocalypse with stunning short film Sumer
Oct 19, 2015

A new short film digs into life in the post-apocalypse, where the planet Earth has essentially lost the ability to sustain its own ecosystem. So, what happens next?

Enter the high stakes world of hover car racing in new sci-fi short Momentum
Jul 20, 2015

Enter the high-stakes world of hover car racing in new sci-fi short Momentum.