Deep Blue Sea 2 would have delivered smart sharks with big guns

A Deep Blue Sea sequel never happened, but here's what weaponized wonders were in store.

Heidi Montag wants to kill sharks with her 3-D boobs
Jul 4, 2015

The TV actress and plastic surgery booster has plans for a sci-fi-ish shark movie.

9 scary (and sometimes silly) shark props from movies and TV
Dec 17, 2012

The first sighting of Syfy's Monster Man—which will follow a famous propmaking family as it creates, well, monsters—will be this Wednesday at 10/9C. Don't confuse this family with other reality TV families, who create their monsters through abuse and raging addiction. These will be less metaphorical monsters, in the form of movie props.

Hybrid super-shark means Syfy's Sharktopus is almost a reality
Dec 16, 2012

Global warming is responsible for the melting of polar ice, coral reef die-off and an increase of extreme storms ... and a pissed-off Mother Nature has exacted revenge by creating a new breed of super-shark.