What if Terminator 2: Judgment Day had been written by Shakespeare?
Jul 4, 2015

An independent theater company in Nashville has taken the story of two robots from the future, battling over the fate of a boy who could save tomorrow, and translated it entirely into Shakespearean verse, using the words of the Bard himself. Yea, verily, uncork the tale of Terminator the Second!

Shakespeare goes sci-fi in Michael Caine's post-apocalyptic Henry5
Dec 14, 2012

Apparently, Michael Caine and Ray Winstone are heading up the cast of Henry5, a sci-fi take on Shakespeare's classic historical drama. Where the heck do we sign up?

Review: Shakespeare meets anime in Romeo x Juliet
Dec 14, 2012

Family brawls, a botched assassination ... and a winged horse.