Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley definitely out of any more Divergent adventures
Feb 9, 2017

The most recent installment in the Divergent series was a box-office dud, and now Lionsgate is planning to retool the franchise as a TV series to wrap up the story. However, they'll officially be finishing the saga without their original star.

The Divergent saga comes to an end in first Allegiant trailer
Nov 13, 2015

It may not have the clout of The Hunger Games, but the Divergent saga has been slowly building its box-office base over the past few years. But now Tris’ journey is coming to an end.

Go over the wall with first teaser trailer for Divergent sequel Allegiant
Sep 15, 2015

Tris and her rebel friends are back in the first trailer for The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

New trailer for Insurgent finally shows off some plot points for Divergent sequel
Feb 11, 2015

We’re a little over a month away from the opening of the Divergent sequel, and now we finally have a look at some legit footage from Insurgent


Watch the slow-motion disintegration of Insurgent's Super Bowl trailer
Jan 29, 2015

The second film in the Divergent series is after some Super Bowl attention with a new trailer.

Defy reality in mind-bending new trailer for Divergent sequel Insurgent
Dec 12, 2014

The brand-new trailer for The Divergent Series: Insurgent has dropped: Prepare to have your mind blown.

First teaser trailer for Divergent sequel Insurgent is pure insanity
Nov 12, 2014

The first teaser trailer for the Divergent sequel Insurgent has arrived, and it’s not exactly what we were expecting. But that might be a good thing.

Divergent's Shailene Woodley blasts Twilight as 'unhealthy, toxic’
Mar 14, 2014

As she prepares to tackle her own young adult genre franchise with Divergent, Shailene Woodley is taking aim at one of the biggest hits on the planet.

How Jennifer Lawrence talked Shailene Woodley into doing Divergent
Mar 6, 2014

Current young adult sci-fi hit The Hunger Games will have some competition soon from Divergent, but we apparently need to thank Katniss for making it all happen.

1st sexy clip from Woodley's Divergent definitely has the Hunger Games vibe
Dec 19, 2013

The first clip from Divergent, aka the film series many people think could knock The Hunger Games off the top of the mountain, has finally arrived. Want to see?

Can Shailene Woodley dethrone Katniss? Find out in 1st Divergent trailer
Nov 13, 2013

As The Hunger Games preps to reassert its cinematic dominance, a challenger appears in this faction-based dystopian thriller.

Divergent looks a whole lot like The Hunger Games in 1st trailer
Aug 26, 2013

It’s official: The Hunger Games will definitely have some competition in the sexy, young sci-fi genre next year.

1st footage of Shailene Woodley kicking sci-fi ass in Divergent
Aug 23, 2013

We’ve been wondering which new sci-fi series could unseat Hunger Games from atop the box office — and the first footage from Divergent shows it’ll be trying its hardest.

Webb finally explains why Mary Jane was cut from Amazing Spidey 2
Jul 25, 2013

We’ve heard all about how Mary Jane was saved for future sequels, but now director Marc Webb has finally opened up about why the decision was made.