Seth Green

Kevin Smith, Seth Green unite in first trailer for horror anthology Holidays
Mar 15, 2016

We seem to be enjoying a renaissance for anthology horror films these days, and the latest is built around the creepy theme of the holidays. Titled, you guessed it, Holidays.

How the new trilogy killed Seth Green's (already made) Star Wars show
Sep 18, 2013

If you hate the long wait we'll likely have to endure before we see Seth Green's animated Star Wars sitcom, blame those new movies.

1st footage from Seth Green's hilarious animated Star Wars comedy
Dec 17, 2012

We've been waiting for ages to finally get a glimpse at Seth Green's upcoming Star Wars cartoon comedy show. Green and his crew just unveiled the first footage at Star Wars Celebration VI and we've got four clips for you to see right here!

Fillion, NPH and Megan Fox answer Robot Chicken's call. But for what?
Dec 17, 2012

Having had their way with Star Wars, the twisted geniuses behind Adult Swim's stop-motion powerhouse are setting their sights on another pop culture powerhouse, and they're bringing a gaggle of celebrity friends along for the ride.

Watch Seth Green as psychic Nazi in movie you may never get to see
Dec 15, 2012

Check out this intriguing pitch trailer for Light Masters—well, more a sci-fi short film—that hopes to stir up interest in a full-length feature. Written and directed by Kelly Rigg, it stars Teresa Decher, Clare Grant ... and SETH GREEN. That's right. And Green is playing a psychic Nazi.

Will Jon Favreau + Roberto Orci + Seth Green = a new X-Files?
Dec 15, 2012

The director of Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens, the co-creator of Fringe and the co-creator of Robot Chicken assembled together for one project. It sounds like an unlikely superhero team-up, but news broke today that the trio is working on a new sci-fi pilot for ABC, set in the White House. Is this the next big government conspiracy show?

Watch adorable 17-year-old Seth Green's 1st moment of fame
Dec 14, 2012

Sure, Seth Green is the King of the Geeks NOW (though we suspect he'd have to duke it out with Wil Wheaton for the crown), but 20 years ago, he was just a teen whose TV commercial for a burger chain was giving him his first taste of fame.

FINALLY—details about Seth Green's Star Wars comedy
Dec 14, 2012

Back when we first heard about Lucasfilm's Star Wars comedy, we could do little more than laugh.

1st exhilarating trailer (plus 5 images) for Mars Needs Moms
Dec 14, 2012

If you cried at Toy Story 3, we have a feeling you're going to get verklempt at Mars Needs Moms, Disney's animated movie about invaders from the Red Planet who visit Earth to steal—well, what do you think?

Laff riot! Robot Chicken to lampoon Avatar, Twilight
Dec 14, 2012

Co-creator Seth Green promised funny stuff taking shots at the two hit movies.

Robert Zemeckis sends Seth Green on a mission to Mars
Dec 14, 2012

Seth Green has been chosen to star in the Walt Disney Pictures film adaptation of the Berkeley Breathed children's novel Mars Needs Moms,...