Set Pics

First set pics from Star Wars: Rogue One reveal massive space ship crash
Sep 16, 2015

We’re still a few months away from The Force Awakens, but the new Star Wars film Rogue One has already started filming — and here’s our first tantalizing peek.

What we learned from 1st Wolverine set photos and concept art
Jul 5, 2015

James Mangold's The Wolverine is finally shooting in Australia, and we just got our first peek at under-construction sets and even a bit of concept art. But what do those glimpses tell us about the film's plot?

Get a good look at even more big, bad Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles
Jul 5, 2015

It just wouldn't be a Mad Max movie without a fleet of badass, post-apocalyptic rides, and if nothing else director George Miller definitely seems to be delivering on that score for Mad Max: Fury Road. We've already glimpsed an awesome gas truck, and now even more set photos have emerged, including a glimpse at a massive truck loaded down with speakers.

Spikes, masks and big trucks rule in 7 Mad Max: Fury Road set pics
Jul 5, 2015

Now that we officially know what it's about (sorta), we're seeing even more post-apocalyptic goodness from the set of Mad Max: Fury Road, the long-awaited fourth installment in director George Miller's beloved franchise. And this time, we get a glimpse at the props.

Rare Aliens set pics reveal Corporal Hicks BEFORE Michael Biehn signed on
Nov 14, 2014

Want to see the original actor tapped to play Corporal Hicks in Aliens before Michael Biehn was brought in at the eleventh hour during filming for the now-iconic role?

Latest Star Wars VII set pics, spy footage show off new ship, costumes
Sep 12, 2014

Though much of the project is shrouded in secrecy, J.J. Abrams can’t shoot all of Star Wars: Episode VII on soundstages. So the spies are out — and they’ve captured some goodies.

The Man of Steel returns in first set pics of Henry Cavill in costume for Batman v Superman
Aug 20, 2014

We’re still waiting to get a peek at Batfleck in action, but the first set pic of Henry Cavill’s Superman has finally arrived. It looks ... kind of shiny?

1st pics of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock on set of Marvel's Netflix series Daredevil
Aug 5, 2014

We finally have our first look at Charlie Cox as the small-screen version of Matt Murdock, and he’s definitely rocking the look of Daredevil’s alter ego.

New Walking Dead S5 set report could reveal MASSIVE future plot point
Jul 17, 2014

The crew behind AMC’s Walking Dead is knee-deep into season five, and they’re making some major (and familiar) changes to a rural Georgia town. So, what does it mean?

Check out the massive, practical FX in these 45 leaked Star Wars VII set pics
Jun 2, 2014

If you were wondering how J.J. Abrams would spend his massive budget for Star Wars: Episode VII, these new set pics offer a pretty good clue.

Here's our best look yet at Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road
Mar 21, 2014

Details have been few and far between for the long-gestating Mad Max sequel Fury Road, but a mysterious new pic has surfaced apparently showing Tom Hardy in the starring role.

Wait, those early RoboCop set pics were actually leaked by the studio?
Feb 7, 2014

Remember way back in 2012, when we got our first unofficial look at the new RoboCop suit thanks to some leaked set pics? Well, turns out we all got played.

New Thor 2 set pics spotlight Sif + The Dark World villains
Dec 17, 2012

For a closed set, the early days of filming for Thor: The Dark World have been pretty well-documented—and now we have some nifty new set pics showing off some crazy action and a new addition to the cast.

4 Kick-Ass 2 set pics offer 1st look at Donald Faison's Dr. Gravity
Dec 17, 2012

It's still a little hard to believe that we're actually getting a sequel to to the awesome little action flick Kick-Ass, but it's happening. If you need proof, here are some of the first set pics to leak out, showing Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) and new addition Donald Faison (Dr. Gravity) in action.

5 new set pics reveal Robocop reboot's awesome robo-bike
Dec 17, 2012

We've already gotten a peek at the sleek new Robocop suit, and now we know how he'll be getting around future-Detroit. Say hello to the robo-bike.