Secret Wars

Wish Alex Ross Happy 47th Birthday with 47 comic book covers
Jan 22, 2017

Here's a spectacular gallery of epic Alex Ross covers to help wish the renowned comic book artist Happy Birthday!

This new Marvel comic is a peek into the future of the All New, All Different universe
Sep 11, 2015

The world is currently being shattered in Secret Wars, and now Marvel Comics has announced plans for a new preview series set eight months in the future — and here’s our first look at the new status quo.

Marvel's Secret Wars spinoff Weirdworld scores an All-New, All Different series
Sep 3, 2015

Fans of Weirdworld rejoice with news of the book's emphatic support from Marvel.

Marvel's Secret Wars goes back to Battleworld for a one-issue extension
Aug 27, 2015

Secret Wars gets an encore edition with one more fight before Battleworld goes bye-bye.

Marvel announces a new Ultimates team to fight cosmic threats post-Secret Wars
Aug 2, 2015

The Ultimate Universe is gone, but the Ultimates are back with a brand new lineup.

Marvel announces fate of Spider-Gwen, plus what could be a massive Secret Wars reveal
Jun 24, 2015

One of Marvel’s coolest comics these days is the alt-universe Spider-Gwen 'book, and now we know what'll happen to her in the wake of Secret Wars.

Marvel's new Secret Wars #3 finally reveals Doctor Doom's unmasked face
Jun 4, 2015

Here's the deformed visage of Victor Von Doom without his armored faceplate.

Marvel Comics' Axel Alonso reveals details on the All-New All-Different Marvel universe
Jun 4, 2015

Marvel is knee-deep in a massive event aimed at reshaping the comic universe into something new. But what can we expect once Secret Wars actually comes to an end?

First look at Marvel’s Secret Wars-inspired resurrection of cult hit comic Runaways
May 28, 2015

We’ve been waiting a long time for news on a revival of Marvel’s short-lived Runaways, and it looks like the Secret Wars will finally make it happen. Want a peek?

Check out a lettered preview of Marvel's much-anticipated Secret Wars #1
Apr 30, 2015

Secret Wars is almost here, and we've got our first lettered preview. 

From Hank of Hydra to Howard the Human, Marvel announces 8 new comics
Apr 27, 2015

With Secret Wars almost upon us, Marvel has announced seven more new books that’ll be hitting shelves as part of the shakeup — and a few sound surprisingly weird and fun.

Jonathan Hickman teases 'the end of the world' and the beginning of Secret Wars
Apr 9, 2015

The writer of Marvel's upcoming Secret Wars tells us what to expect as the series kicks off.

Here's our first look at the new comics set to launch after Marvel's Secret Wars
Mar 26, 2015

We already knew Marvel’s massive Secret Wars event would reshape the Marvel Universe, and here’s our first peek at how things will look when the dust settles.


EXCLUSIVE: Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders join Marvel's Secret Wars
Mar 24, 2015

Marvel Comics just announced another Battleworld adventure for this summer's massive event, and we've got the exclusive first look.