Season 7

Hugo winner Neil Gaiman coming back for Doctor Who S7
Jul 5, 2015

The fantastic author Neil Gaiman, who penned last season's beloved Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife," had so much fun he's coming back. Who fans, rejoice—Gaiman is hard at work on his return trip to the TARDIS.

Here's why Moffat wanted to journey to the center of the TARDIS
Jan 14, 2013

One of the most anticipated titles of the upcoming second half of Doctor Who's seventh season is Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, and no one may be more excited for that episode than Steven Moffat himself. His reasoning, though, may surprise you.

Intriguing titles for Who's final 7th season episodes disclosed
Dec 17, 2012

Doctor Who's final season with the Ponds is rife with mystery, but today, the last two episode titles with Amy and Rory have been revealed. What secrets could they hold? Read on to find out.