Sean Astin

Sean Astin and Paul Reiser to appear in Season 2 of Stranger Things
Nov 7, 2016

Sean Astin will be playing a character kinda like Samwise Gamgee; Paul Reiser will be playing a character kinda like Burke. 

Image of the day: Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk + Sean Astin in a lightsaber battle
Apr 9, 2014

Sean Astin shared this with virtually no context, and that just makes it even cooler. Backstage of what? We have no idea. But it doesn't matter. Just enjoy it.

Samwise in The Hobbit? Sean Astin speaks about the rumors
Dec 14, 2012

Sean Astin is getting back into character as Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' faithful Hobbit friend in the Lord of the Rings trilogy—but he's not prepping to shoot The Hobbit, because that is set before his character was even born.

Astin up for Hobbit if Hobbit up for him
Dec 14, 2012

Sean Astin told SCI FI Wire that he'd be thrilled to reprise his Lord of the Rings film trilogy role as Sam Gamgee...

How Sean Astin comes full circle in Color of Magic
Dec 14, 2012

Sean Astin plays an accidental tourist in the fantasy telefilm The Color of Magic.