Rumor of the day: Leaked script reveals full Transformers 4 plot
Jul 4, 2015

We've heard some scattered tidbits about Michael Bay's non-reboot Transformers 4, but now it looks like the floodgates might've just opened. A fan site says they have a draft of the script, and if it's true, this sounds like the most robot-focused Transformers film yet.

Read Chronicle writer Max Landis' 436-page script for a Super Mario World movie
Oct 21, 2014

The Mario Bros. franchise helped kick off the videogame-to-movie craze, but that doesn’t mean that 1993 dud of a film was actually any good. Well, Max Landis wants a do-over.

Director creates epic spec trailer to try and sell his mech-filled Chrononaut script
Mar 12, 2014

Hey, everybody loves a good visual aid, so what better way to shop your movie script than with a ready-made trailer to show off the idea?

Finally! George Miller's aborted 2007 Justice League script leaks online
Oct 8, 2013

We’ve been hearing rumblings about what could’ve been ever since George Miller’s 2007 attempt to bring the Justice League to the big screen went kaput, and now we can finally read the script for ourselves.

Read the script page for a scene cut from Dark Knight Rises
Dec 17, 2012

The script book for Christopher Nolan's entire Dark Knight trilogy is out, and one fan has run across a small scene that was cut from the final version of The Dark Knight Rises. Want to read the script page and see what we missed? Minor spoilers ahead!