Scott Derrickson

Doctor Strange director explains the insane detail they put into spell-casting in the MCU
Nov 4, 2016

Along with introducing a major player from the Marvel canon, Doctor Strange is also tasked with laying the foundation for how magic itself works in the MCU. So how’d they come up with that unique approach to spell-casting?

Why Benedict Cumberbatch almost missed out on playing Doctor Strange
Sep 23, 2016

The man who will bring the Sorcerer Supreme to life on the big screen almost didn't get to learn the dark arts.

Image(s) of the Day: Lucifer concept art from Scott Derrickson’s canceled Paradise Lost emerges
Jun 27, 2016

Nearly a decade ago, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson was working on a big-screen adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost, which, sadly, never saw the light of day. Now you can have a first look at pieces of concept art depicting the villain of the piece.

Image of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch visits comic book shop -- as Doctor Strange!
Apr 5, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch celebrated the end of shooting on Doctor Strange by taking it back to where it all began.

We could have had a Doctor Strange movie from Neil Gaiman and Guillermo Del Toro
Nov 30, 2015

Two of our finest genre storytellers might have brought us the tale of the Sorcerer Supreme if things had gone a bit differently.

New Sinister 2 featurette braces for Buhguul and his kill-crazy kid crew
Aug 12, 2015

Here's a primer for writer/producer Scott Derrickson's spooky new Sinister sequel.

Rumor of the day: This actress could be the female lead in Doctor Strange
Jul 6, 2015

With casting continuing for Marvel's Doctor Strange, speculation has now turned to the movie's female lead.

Chiwetel Ejiofor's role revealed in Doctor Strange
Jun 11, 2015

Not only has Chiwetel Ejiofor been confirmed for Marvel's Doctor Strange, but we know now which role he is playing.

The Outer Limits movie gets a new lease on life
Jun 20, 2014

A sci-fi television classic is getting closer to the big screen.

Marvel's long-awaited Doctor Strange film has landed a director
Jun 3, 2014

We're getting closer to a Doctor Strange movie. The director's chair has reportedly been filled.

Deliver Us From Evil trailer delivers the demonic goods
May 14, 2014

A New York police officer walks the beat from hell in the nightmarish new trailer for Deliver Us From Evil.